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Cycling in Bremen

Junge Menschen schieben auf dem Bremer Marktplatz ihre Räder
Discover Bremen by bike!

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Bremen is famous for being a walkable and well-connected city, but few people are aware that it also has more cycle paths than most other cities in Germany. However, this is not the only reason why cycling in Bremen is a true pleasure. The many parks and green spaces and the almost complete absence of hills make it the perfect place for bike rides with the whole family. From cycling enthusiasts to casual recreational riders – the many cycle paths in Bremen offer something for everyone!

Cycling tours in and around Bremen


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River Weser round tour

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City centre tour

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Bremen Nord tour

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Bremerhaven tour

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Bremerhaven nature tour

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Am Lenkrad befestigtes Handy zeigt die Bike Citizens App

Bike Citizens App

The easy and convenient way to follow exciting bike tours.

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Kartenausschnitt des Bike Citizens Routenplaners in der Webansicht

Plan your route!

The Bike Citizens navigation system is also available for your browser.

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Vier junge Menschen sitzen auf einer Treppe, neben ihnen zwei Fahrräder

Information and service for cyclists

Cycling around an unfamiliar city is not always easy, but thanks to our useful tips and information, you'll find it child's play in Bremen.

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Impressions: Bremen by bike

1 Lastenradrennen

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2 Bike It! Marktplatz

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3 Bike it Wallanlagen

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4 Bike it Domshof

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5 Bike it Film Night Ride 2018

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6 Bremen Bike it Breminale

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7 Fensterkonzert, Stadtmusikantensommer, Luftballons, Fahrrad

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8 Sichtbar Bike it

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Ein Fahrrad hängt im Holzgitter

Bike hire outlets

A selection of cycle hire options in Bremen

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Auf dem Bremer Marktplatz steht das neue WK-Bike.


Bike sharing in Bremen

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Ein Mann und eine Frau fahren Rad an der Weser; Foto: WFB Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen GmbH / Ingo Wagner

Bike tours & packages

Guided cycle tours

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Ein junges Paar fährt Fahrrad am Deich

Long-distance cycle routes in and around Bremen

Which long-distance cycle routes lead to or pass through Bremen?

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Adfc Radstation am Bremer Hauptbahnhof

Radstation at Bremen train station

Cycle hire, bike parking, repairs, maps and cycle touring guides, tips on cycling.

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Eingang zum Fahrradparkhaus am Dom

Brepark Fahrradparkhaus

Park your bike securely right in the centre of Bremen.

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