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Überseestadt and Europahafen Bremen

Bremen Überseestadt
An entire area in transition - experience a harbour district rich in tradition, anchored in the present and facing towards the future!

© WFB/Jens Lehmkühler

Überseestadt, where once ships passed by and cargo was unloaded, is a new addition to Bremen’s cityscape. Following the gradual decline of the maritime economy, a new vibrant and innovative quarter has been taking shape over recent years.

Lots of Variety in Überseestadt

In Überseestadt, newly revitalised, huge old warehouses made of red brick stand in exciting contrast to modern architecture. A mix that couldn't be more diverse in its use. Creative and innovative start-ups work next door to traditional companies from the maritime industry. Moreover numerous parks and outdoor facilities invite you to relax or be active outside. Here you'll also find creative artists and manufacturers, who have turned their passion into a profession. The gastronomic offer ranging from cafés to restaurants is just as diverse as the choice of housing, which provides homes for a variety of people, from socially financed housing to high-priced lofts. All of this takes place in front of the magnificent scenery of the Weser and its harbour basins.

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Town Musicians Express

Drive along the Weser to Überseestadt.

© WFB / Carina Tank

One of the Largest Urban Development Projects in Europe

In 2000, the Bremen Senate laid the foundation for this exciting development by approving the concept for the restructuring of the old port areas. Since then, Überseestadt has been in a constant state of transformation - numerous projects have already been implemented, in many places construction and work is currently in progress, while elsewhere areas are still waiting for their future use. The designs always include unbuilt green and open spaces. In this way, many attractions have already been created in Überseestadt that not only please the residents, but also attract visitors from all over Bremen to the quarter.

Waller Sand and Molenturm

One example for the many projects is the Waller Sand, a beach at the turning basin in the north-west of Überseestadt. Where until a few years ago a barren stone landscape sat, an inviting and varied leisure and local recreation area was created. Overlooking the mighty grain transport facility, you can enjoy the beach feeling, created by a water playground, volleyball courts and maritime dune landscapes. However, bathing is not allowed because of the shipping traffic. A small, lovingly planted walkway leads you directly to the pretty Molenturm - one of the city's most popular viewpoints and photo spots, which offers you a perfect view of the sunset over the Weser when the weather is right.

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BIKE IT! Schlachte, Werder, Übersee

The River Weser Round Tour

© WFB Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen GmbH / Ingo Wagner

The Überseeinsel - The Überseestadt Continues to Grow

The Überseeinsel, located at the entrance to Überseestadt and thus in the immediate vicinity of Bremen's city centre, is set to become a crowd-puller similar to the Waller Sand. Planned together with citizens, the former Kellogg site is to become a green urban quarter with little car traffic, which will continue the diverse mix of uses in Überseestadt and, equipped with a promenade, green spaces and a so-called sun catcher's bay, will certainly be the destination of many visitors.

Reichlich bewachsene Hochbeete der Gemüsewerft auf der Überseeinsel werden von einem Mann gepflegt.

Die Gemüsewerft auf der Überseeinsel

© WFB / Determann

Strolling around the Europahafen

Not far from the Überseeinsel, the Europahafen is already a meeting place for all those who want to enjoy the maritime atmosphere as well as the exciting combination of tradition and modernity. Whether you take a stroll, sit on one of the outdoor terraces of the local restaurants or bring along an after-work beer - the Europahafen is a wonderful place to relax and enjoy the beautiful view of Bremen's lifeline.

Moreover new buildings are currently being built at the head of the Europahafen that will shape the city's skyline just as many buildings in the Überseestadt already have. The Weser Tower stands out among these buildings - after all, the skyscraper designed by architect Helmut Jahn is Bremen's tallest office building.

Port Economy in the Midst of New Utilisation Concepts

While all these exciting innovations are taking place, the busy operations of historically grown commercial and port structures in Überseestadt also continue. In the timber, factory and grain harbour, interested visitors can still observe large seagoing ships loading and unloading. It is still a logistical centre for cargo ships. Mainly animal food, grain, flour and frozen products are handled here, rarely also containers.

Blick über die Weser auf den Hafen mit der kolossalen Getreideverkehrsanlage, dem Pier 2 und dem Molenturm

Blick über die Weser auf den Hafen

© WFB/Ingrid Krause

A Creative Environment for the Finest Craftsmanship

In the midst of all the innovative buildings, ideas and projects in Überseestadt, numerous passionate producers have found the right environment for their very special manufactories. Birgitta Schulze van Loon distils and produces fine spirits directly on site at the Europahafen with her brand "Piekfeine Brände". Handmade Elisen gingerbread is on the menu at the glass gingerbread factory of Manke & Coldewey. On the Überseeinsel, the makers of the "Hopfenfänger" beer have dedicated themselves to the art of brewing at the Bremer Braumanufaktur. At both Lloyd Coffee and Cross Coffee, everything revolves around the coffee bean. World-famous trophies such as the Champions League trophy are made by Koch & Bergfeld Corpus Silbermanufaktur.

Culture and Leisure

The contrast-filled Überseestadt is definitely worth a visit. Not least because you will find an exciting range of cultural and fun activities here that you should definitely explore. In Speicher XI, for example, the Hafenmuseum and the Speicherbühne have found a creative environment for their work. The GOP Varieté Theatre has built its own stage at the southern end of the quarter, while the Hafen Revue Theatre has taken up residence in an existing building. Right next door, the HafenRummel awaits you with an 11-station game trail set in the harbour ambience of the 1950s. The SchwarzLichtHof, an indoor mini-golf course, invites you to play in the dark and under black light. Fans of oldtimer cars should definitely check out the Centre for Automotive Culture and Mobility in Schuppen Eins. Skate and sports enthusiasts will find their personal paradise in Überseepark.

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