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Bremen Town Musicians

The statue of the Bremen Town Musicians.
The most well-known landmark of the Hanseatic city are the Bremen Town Musicians.

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The Bremen Town Musicians are without doubt the pride and joy of the Hanseatic city. A bronze statue created by Gerhard Marcks in 1953 stands in the heart of Bremen as a tribute to the popular fairytale by the Brothers Grimm. According to the story, a donkey, a dog, a cat and a rooster set off on a journey to Bremen in search of a better life.

Where can I find the Bremen Town Musicians?

Small, but perfectly formed – this saying could have been created with the bronze statue of the Bremen Town Musicians in mind. At two metres tall, the statue of the animals by Gerhard Marcks might not be life-size, but that hasn’t diminished its popularity with locals and visitors alike. The city’s pride and joy can be found on the left, western side of the town hall. If you follow Schoppensteel street from the Church of Our Lady towards Domshof, you simply cannot miss the statue.

A little bit of luck

Once you have found the Bremen Town Musicians, you will notice the donkey’s shiny front legs. Touching them is meant to bring good luck, so while you’re there, you should take the opportunity to make a wish or hope for a bit of luck. But make sure that you don’t just rub one leg with only one hand, as you’ll give yourself away as a newcomer to Bremen. There is a saying in Bremen that it’s just one donkey shaking the hand of another!

Eine Hand, die eine Metallfigur der Bremer Stadtmusikanten vor die echte Bronzefigur der Bremer Stadtmusikanten hält.

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The tale of the Bremen Town Musicians

The tale of the donkey, dog, cat and rooster has enthralled countless children around the world. Feel like giving it a go?
Once upon a time ... Read more

A cosmopolitan view has a long tradition in Bremen

The Town Musicians once made their way to Bremen looking for a secure future. The hope for a good life in the beautiful Weserstadt has not only been shared by the current occupants. It has been the hope of many people who have come to Bremen from all parts of Germany and around the world since time immemorial. In the tradition of a cosmopolitan Hanseatic city, Bremen considers immigration as enrichment and has an active, welcoming culture.

Discover the most famous landmark of the Hanseatic city, the Musicians of Bremen, in an entirely new way - because, besides the bronze statue at the Rathaus, there are many other depictions of the world-famous animals.

A tour guide stops with her group at the Bremen Town Musicians.

English Guided Tour

Guided City Walk

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A smartphone with animated Town Musicians figures is held in front of the statue of the Town Musicians.


Take an exciting tour with Augmented Reality

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