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Plan your Accessible Visit to Bremen

In the left part of the picture you can see the Bremen Town Musicians. In the right part a historical building.
As a city of short distances, Bremen is easily accessible for all.

© WFB / Carina Tank

You want to spend your vacation in the Hanseatic city? We warmly welcome you. Here you will find some information to experience Bremen barrier-free. We are looking forward to your questions and suggestions.

You can discover these sights in Bremen

Schnoor Quarter

Another popular place is the Schnoor Quarter, Bremen's oldest neighborhood.

Note on accessibility: Please note that the Schnoor, with old cobblestones and curbs, has limited accessibility. The alleys are sometimes very narrow. Some stores in the old houses have steps at the entrance.

Small houses line a narrow alley.

City tours for people with disabilities

"Bremen Tourism" offers a wide range of different tours, sightseeing tours and city walks. Here you get personal advice and trained city guides. For example, "A sensual journey through time on Böttcherstraße" is an offer only for visually impaired and blind people. The team of "Bremen Tourismus" is looking forward to your inquiries.

The bus for the daily city tours has two wheelchair places. The "City Tour" heads for destinations such as the former harbor area. Other stops include Überseestadt and the Weser Stadium. More information and contact details for the "City Tour Bremen" sightseeing tour.

Another option for discovering the city center on the move is the "Stadtmusikanten-Express". The small electric bus starts in front of the Kontorhaus at the corner of Marktplatz and Langenstraße. Then it goes past the market square, to the Weser promenade "Schlachte" and the Wall. Of course, you will also see the Schnoor quarter and the Culture Mile. More information about the city center tour with the "Stadtmusikanten-Express".

Trained city guides - three "native signers" - offer city tours through Bremen for deaf tourists. Hearing people who are signers can also take part in the tour.

Special requests for the city tour can be directed to stadtfuehrung@villa-bremen.de. If you need a spoken language interpreter, please inquire about the extra charge for this at the Landesverband der Gehörlosen e.V. at dolmetscher@lvg-bremen.de.

General information:

  • 8,50 € per person (min. 10 persons).
  • If the group is less than 10 persons, please ask for the price at stadtfuehrung@villa-bremen.de.
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Meeting point: Bremen Roland
  • Language: German sign language and international sign language
  • Limited number of groups: 15 persons

City model for blind people

The model to touch makes the architecture of Bremen's old town tangible for blind people. On the east side of the Bremen Parliament and next to the attraction "Bremen Hole" is a bronze model of Bremen's old town. It offers people with and without visual impairments a nice overview of the city center. The model is wheelchair-accessible and depicts the houses and streets at a scale of 1:750. The bronze is the work of artist Felix Brörken, who spent months handcrafting the miniature cities.

Tastmodell der Bremer Altstadt

© WFB/Ingrid Krause

Accessible accommodations in Bremen

Here you will find a selection of business entries of hotels in Bremen. If you click on a business entry, you will get, among other things, detailed information about accessibility:

Please contact the team of Bremen Tourism directly for all further questions.

Phone: 0421 - 30 800 10

E-mail: info@bremen-tourism.de

Tourist Information Office

Tourist information office

© WFB/Jonas Ginter

Wheelchair hire

Even though Bremen is a compact city, it can still take a long time to make your way around it because there is so much to see. If you struggle to get around on foot, you can borrow a wheelchair free of charge from the tourist information office on Böttcherstrasse. All we request is a refundable deposit of €50 and a copy of your ID card or passport.


  • Seat width 48cm, seat depth 42cm
  • Backrest height 43cm, seat height 50cm
  • Max. 130kg body weight
  • Incl. drum brakes for use by companion or carer
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Barrier-free city guide (only in German)

The city guide barrier-free Bremen is a database for people with impairments. It provides reliable data on the accessibility and usability of many facilities in Bremen.

© Daniela Buchholz

Gezeichnete Skyline von Bremens prominentenen Gebäuden