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Gift Vouchers to Discover Bremen

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The perfect gift for any occasion – a gift voucher to discover Bremen!

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What better gift than spending time together? From a culinary tour of the city to a boat trip on the Weser, a visit to the new exhibition or a complete package experience. But with so much to choose from, how can you decide? We take all the stress out of the decision for you with the gift voucher to discover Bremen. Enjoy the pleasure of giving!

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Here you get the gift voucher

Choose your preferred picture, the value and book online and get your gift voucher to print@home.

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Savour the anticipation

Bremen has its own special charm in every season. It’s not just Bremen’s impressive sights that attract visitors. With its maritime charm, culinary pleasures and annual cultural highlight events, Bremen is always worth a visit! So savour the anticipation and start planning your next trip to the Hanseatic city now!

Two young women and two young men push their bikes side by side through the autumnal Schnoor quarter

Experiencing seasons

Bremen is always worth a visit.

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The Bremen Information in Böttcherstraße. There are numerous monitors.

Tourist Information Office

Visit us in Bremen. We’re here to help every day.

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Service Team +49 421 3080010

Customer Advisory and Sales

Advice by telephone and online

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A tour guide stops with her group at the Bremen Town Musicians.


Affordable packages that include hotels, meals & attractions.

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Lots of information for your trip to Bremen.

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The Bremen town musicians

Bremen for lovers

All the romance of the Hanseatic city

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24 Hours in Bremen

© Katharina Müller / Privat

Gezeichnete Skyline von Bremens prominentenen Gebäuden