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Freimarkt Bremen: The Biggest Funfair in Nothern Germany

People and various stalls at the Bremen Freimarkt. The illuminated Ferris wheel can be seen in the background.
When it's called "Ischa Freimaak", Bremen's fifth season begins! Spectacular merry-go-rounds, tempting treats, a lively atmosphere and lots of fun for young and old - let the Bremen Freimarkt take you away!

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Every year in October, the fifth season begins in Bremen: For 17 days the motto on the Bürgerweide and in the city centre is: Ischa Freimaak! The scent of candy cotton and roasted almonds fills the air, rides provide adrenaline while children's eyes light up at the sight of balloons and gingerbread hearts. Here you can find out everything you need to know about the Freimarkt and which dates you shouldn't miss!

When and Where

989th Freimarkt 2024
from 18th October to 3rd November 2024

✔ on Bremen's Bürgerweide (Bremen Fair), Bremen's market square and around the Liebfrauenkirche (Church of Our Lady)

Facts about the Freimarkt

✔ 1st Freimarkt: 1035
✔ Showmen: over 300
Rides: around 40
Event area: 100,000 square metres (Bürgerweide)

Ischa Freimaak - Cheeky and Cheerful, Wild and Whirling, Cosy and Sociable

The largest fair in the north attracts many people every year with its many colourful rides and a lot of good atmosphere. Over 300 showmen and women provide entertainment with their stalls, stands and rides at the traditional Freimarkt. There is plenty to discover both on the Bürgerweide and in the city centre at the "Kleiner Freimarkt". Culinary delights include fragrant gingerbread hearts, red candy apples, steaming lard cakes and many other delicacies. The merry-go-rounds are also the place to be: whether fast and high or leisurely and relaxed - there's something for the adventurous as well as the faint-hearted on one of the 40 or so rides! Meanwhile, it's time to get down to earth in one of the marquees at Bremen's Freimarkt. Here, during the opening hours of the Freimarkt, you can sway to the music and celebrate in a lively atmosphere.

The Small Freimarkt

In the city centre is a small funfair, too. Everything is under the sign of "Ischa Freimaak" and fairground fun, because the Freimarkt also has a little brother there! The "Little Freimarkt" takes you on a journey through time: In addition to nostalgic carousels, you'll also find old-established stalls. On the whole, the market square is a little more peaceful than the Bürgerweide. That's why smaller visitors in particular feel at home here.

Party Time in Halle 7

As soon as the stalls and merry-go-rounds close their doors, there will be pure party action in Hall 7 right next to the Freimarkt grounds. Look forward to various guest stars, a VIP area and much more. Hall 7 is open daily from 9 pm except Tuesdays and Sundays.

Opening Fireworks

The first Freimarkt evening traditionally awaits you with a special highlight! A magnificent firework display gives a preview of the colourful joy that will dominate the Volksfest grounds for the next 17 days. The fireworks start at approx. 9:45 pm. The fireworks will be set off in the Bürgerpark and will feature 10 simultaneous shots as well as figure bombs. The Ferris wheel and its passengers will stop right at the start of the fireworks. If you're lucky, you'll get a seat in the front row and can watch the fireworks from close up and from above. If you are strolling through the Freimarkt, you will have a better or worse view depending on where you are. This is why many visitors are drawn to Eickedorferstrasse or Findorffstrasse in the direction of Bürgerpark. Here the view of the fireworks is a little more unobstructed.

Beleuchtete Buden und Fahrgeschäfte auf dem abendlichen Bremer Freimarkt, darüber ein Feuerwerk


Scents and Lights Beckon - Ischa Freimaak

The Freimarkt has been attracting crowds for a very long time, as the footage from the Landesfilmarchiv from the 1960s shows. The fifth season is, of course, much older - almost 1000 years. The first Freimarkt took place in 1035, making it one of the oldest public festivals in Germany. The historic Freimarkt, which stretches from the town hall to the Liebfrauenkirche (Church of Our Lady) between Bremen's magnificent buildings, takes you back to its beginnings.

The Freimarkt Parade

In addition to the opening fireworks, the Freimarkt parade is a very special highlight of the festival for many Freimarkt fans. Always on the second Saturday of the Freimarkt season, the parade attracts thousands of spectators to the streets of Bremen's New Town and city centre. You can look forward to colourfully dressed-up groups, marching bands and floats, as well as a sweet or two cheerfully thrown into the crowd by those riding along. The spectacle ends with the awarding of prizes to the most beautiful and imaginative floats. The parade can also be followed on North German television.

Ein selbst gebastelter blauer Schlumpf steht auf einem großen Wagen.


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Freimarkt Map

Get an overview: Funfair rides, roller coasters and railways, pubs and children's rides.

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