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The Ukrainian flag consists of yellow and blue colour.

Help for people from Ukraine

Points of contacts for refugees and people who would like to help in Bremen. / Тут ви дізнаєтесь на яку підтримку можете розраховувати в Бремені

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A large upright piano can be seen. Behind it on the wall are various works of art.

The Mystery of Banksy - A Genius Mind

He is world famous and yet a mystery - Banksy, the graffiti artist and painter who remains anonymous to this day, is known for challenging the boundaries of the art market. He has been causing a sensation with his exceptional works for years.

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A kind of small funicular runs along in front of the historic town hall in Bremen.

Bremen is always worth a visit

Throughout the whole year the beautiful Hanseatic city on the Weser is an experience - find out at which time Bremen suits you best.

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The Bremen town musicians

24 hours in Bremen

Tips for a day in the city by the Weser

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Beaches in Bremen and its surrounding area

Sandy beaches in Bremen and its surrounding area invite you to enjoy hot summer days.

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Diagrammatic representation of a virus


Links & information on the situation in Bremen

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Schlachte Embankment


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View of brightly lit festival tents

Culture and Events

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A Tinyplanet image of the market square shows the heart of Bremen in spherical form

This is Bremen

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Seasonal tips

Golden background with white icons with a Bremen reference.

Best of Bremen

Many stories about Bremens uniqueness.

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Experience Bremen at home

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Aerial view of Bremen showing the area around the Weser Stadium and the Weser River

48 Hours in Bremen

For two whole days, Bremen is your playground!

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View of Bremen's market square with a view of the town hall

@visit.bremen on Instagram

Find out what Bremen locals, as well as visitors, are discovering throughout the Hanseatic city. Post your own photos on Instagram with the hashtag #enjoybremen!

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Knipp in the Bremen Ratskeller

Culinary Bremen

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A couple window shopping


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Bremen Specialties

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Numerous mugs and cups with different coffee specialities from a bird's eye view

Coffee culture in Bremen

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