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Schlachte Embankment


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Culture and Events

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A view of Bremen's market square with the town hall and Roland statue.

This is Bremen

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A wheelchair user takes photos on the market square.


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Seasonal Tips

A red, white and blue graphic: the Town Musicians on the left, a sailing ship on the right, with "Best of Bremen" in the middle.

Best of Bremen

Many stories about Bremens uniqueness.

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Houses and a cyclist in front of it.

Bremen Tales

Immerse yourself in Bremen's history and let symbolic figures creatively guide you through their respective eras. Many myths and legends surround the Hanseatic city and numerous Bremen traditions are still upheld today.

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48 Hours in Bremen

For two whole days, Bremen is your playground!

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View of Bremen's market square with a view of the town hall

@visit.bremen on Instagram

Find out what Bremen locals, as well as visitors, are discovering throughout the Hanseatic city. Post your own photos on Instagram with the hashtag #enjoybremen!

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Knipp in the Bremen Ratskeller

Culinary Bremen

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A woman walks across a square with shopping bags. Historical buildings can be seen in the background. The sun is shining.


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Bremen Specialties

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In the foreground are two cups on a table. In the background is the Schnoor quarter.

Coffee Culture in Bremen

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Gezeichnete Skyline von Bremens prominentenen Gebäuden