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Luftaufnahme von Bremen zeigt die Gegend um Weser-Stadion und Weser
How to find us and tips for visitors travelling by train, coach, car or air.

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Where is Bremen?

The smallest state in Germany and close to the North Sea coast. Bremen, the historical Hanseatic city on the river Weser, and Bremerhaven, located some 65 kilometres further north at the mouth of the river, make up the only two-city state in Germany. Bremen is the heart of the north-west region of Germany and is the country's smallest federal state. Approximately 550,000 people live in Bremen and 130,000 in Bremerhaven.

Distance to ...

  • Hamburg: approx. 120km
  • Hannover: approx. 130km
  • Berlin: approx. 400km
Außenaufnahme des Bremen Airport

Bremen Airport

Only ten minutes away from the heart of the city!

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Oberer Fassadenteil des Bremer Hauptbahnhofs

Bremen main train station

In the centre of Bremen, you'll find one of the most modern stations in Germany

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Autos parken in einer Reihe auf einem Parkstreifen; Quelle: bremen.online GmbH - MDR

Coaches and cars

Everything you need to know if you're travelling to Bremen by road.

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Straßenbahn auf dem Marktplatz

Out and about in Bremen

Bremen is a compact city that is easy to get around.

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Junge Menschen fahren an der Weser Fahrrad

BIKE IT! - Cycling in Bremen

Discover Bremen by bike!

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Bild von einem Mann mit Laptop in einem Café

Cafés with Wi-Fi

Cafés where you can surf for free while you sip your coffee

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Ein Wegweiser weist die Toiletten aus

Toilets in Bremen

Location of public toilets, disabled toilets and Welcome WC facilities.

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