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Vier junge Menschen mit ihren Fahrrädern am Bremer Marktplatz
Enjoy Bremen with all its special experiences. From a look behind the scenes of unique manufactories, to a trip to the nearby North Sea, to a relaxing wellness day, the city on the Weser has a wide range of activities for you.

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No matter if you are on a short trip to Bremen, if you are spending a longer holiday in the region, if a business trip leaves you time for activities besides your professional duties or if you are at home here and are looking for a change from everyday life: There is a lot to experience in Bremen and its surroundings. Let yourself be inspired and spend a great time in the Hanseatic city.

Tips for your short trip

There is so much to discover in the city on the Weser, so many stories to tell and so many adventures to experience that a short trip is not enough to get to know all the facets of Bremen. Nevertheless, the city of short distances is also a wonderful place for a short trip. Many of the most important sights are only a few minutes' walk away from each other, in vibrant and exciting districts you will get an impression of the local lifestyle. Just let yourself drift and be inspired by our tips for your short trip to Bremen.

Die Sonne senkt sich über der Weser und taucht die Landschaft in goldenes Licht.

24 hours in Bremen

Tips for a one-day visit to the city on the Weser.

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Luftaufnahme von Bremen zeigt die Gegend um Weser-Stadion und Weser

48 Hours in Bremen

For two whole days, Bremen is your playground!

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Stroll, rummage, find treasures - Shopping in Bremen

Finally getting a few days off? Then maybe there is some time for an extended shopping spree. Bremen is just the right place for that. From varied shopping streets, covered arcades, shopping centres and outlets to colourful flea markets and weekly markets - Bremen will delight you with its shopping landscape.

Shopping in der Innenstadt


Visit the different shopping districts in Bremen

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Ein Mitarbeiter und eine Mitarbeiterin der Union Brauerei führen eine Brauereiführung für Gäste durch.

Behind the scenes

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Look behind the scenes

Beck's Beer, Mercedes Benz or Airbus, but also small manufactories that produce delicacies such as sweets, coffee or beer, provide insights behind the scenes. In factory tours, guided tours and tastings, you will learn interesting facts about the various productions and immerse yourself in the worlds of Bremen brands.

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Stadtführung auf dem Marktplatz

Experiences in Bremen

Bremen has something for everyone – with treats for the eyes and ears as well as the taste buds. And a whole lot of history.

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Excursions and activities

How about a day at the sea, a trip to the countryside, a bike tour or an action-packed visit to the theme park? In Bremen directly or in the immediate vicinity, great destinations for varied excursions await you. Above all, Bremen's sister city Bremerhaven invites you to take a tour. But also places like Fischerhude or Worpswede are known far beyond the borders of the region.

Zwei kleine Mädchen laufen mit Wanderstöcken durch einen Wald.

Stroll and Hike

Discover Bremen by foot!

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Ein junger Mann und eine junge Frau sitzen zur Abenddämmerung in sommerlicher Kleidung neben ihren Rädern auf einem Steg an der Weser, im Hintergrund die Lichter der Breminale.

Cycling in Bremen

Discover Bremen by bike!

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Park mit Treppe

Parks and Recreation

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Im Vordergrund brennende Kerzen, Öle und Steine, im Hintergrund eine entspannende Frau mit geschlossenen Augen.

Wellness in Bremen

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Eine saftig grüne Wiese mit Blumen


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Eine hölzerne Brücke führt über einen Fluss zu einem Fachwerkhaus.


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Nahaufnahme einer Giraffe im Serengeti-Park


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Bremerhavens Skyline ist in Form von Gebäuden und einem Turm im Hintergrund zu sehen. Davor ist ein Wasserkanal zu sehen. Im Vordergrund führt ein Steg zum Wasser. Einige Schiffe sind links im Bild festgemacht.


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Zwei Kuschen bei strahlend blauem Himmel im Watt bei Sahlenburg

Along the coast

Day trips to the North Sea coast

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