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Learn more about living in the hanseatic city!

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The Bremen Way of Life

Cycling, having a leisurely coffee, a cabbage tour in freezing temperatures, enjoying handmade delicacies, spending time in nature - all this and much more is part of Bremen's way of life. Let us inspire you to take a little time for the good things.

Bremen for Everyone

Whether you live with your family in the Hanseatic city, have recently arrived in Bremen, are studying here, are looking for information about accessibility in Bremen or whether you are interested in women's political issues or would like to get involved in charitable work - we have just the right pages for you.

Explore the City and its Neighbourhoods

Left and right of the Weser, close to the city or in a rural idyll, pulsating cultural hotspots or family-friendly neighbourhoods - browse through our 23 district portraits and discover new corners. Or do you want to get to know Bremen in general first? Then we'll help you get a first overview. On our seasons pages you can also find out what's going on in spring, summer, autumn and winter. And with numerous digital experiences, we deliver Bremen directly to your living room.

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For those, who are interested in sports

Cycling tours, clubs and much more are waiting for you!

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A couple window shopping


Visit the different shopping districts in Bremen.

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Gezeichnete Skyline von Bremens prominentenen Gebäuden