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Life in Bremen

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Bremen needs to be experienced!

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A young couple sorts things into moving boxes in a flat.

Moving to Bremen

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A sunflower in a front garden in a street with typical old Bremen houses in Gröpelingen.


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Districts of Bremen

A Tinyplanet image of the market square shows the heart of Bremen in spherical form

This is Bremen

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Experience Bremen at home

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Experience the seasons

Thousands of red tulips in front of the mill on the Wall


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Sunflowers at a market stall at the Ziegenmarkt.


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A leafy hedge colourfully coloured by autumn


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The Weser and the Schlachte in Bremen in the morning sun, trees full of ice.


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Two little girls walk through a forest with walking sticks.

Stroll and Hike

Discover Bremen by foot!

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Bremer Bonbon Manufaktur

Tips for Families in Bremen

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Culinary Bremen

Good food and good times

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A young woman is standing in front of a table-high shelf in a bookshop, looking at the books. In the background are large bookshelves.


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View of Bremen's market square with a view of the town hall

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Find out what Bremen locals, as well as visitors, are discovering throughout the Hanseatic city. Post your own photos on Instagram with the hashtag #enjoybremen!

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Gezeichnete Skyline von Bremens prominentenen Gebäuden