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Green Bremen

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Discover the green diversity in Bremen and the surrounding areas

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You want to enjoy a cool swim in the lake, relax in the sun on the sandy beach, discover the green forests and meadows in the Hanseatic city or simply get out into the fresh Bremen air? No problem, because Bremen's nature offers the right spot for relaxation for every taste. We present some tips on where to spend a relaxing or action-packed day in nature!

Through Nature

2,362 hectares of Bremen's urban area are green. That's why you don't have to look far to find a green spot to relax. The Bürgerpark, the Wallanlagen or the Osterdeich are only a stone's throw away from Bremen city centre and can be reached quickly on foot or by bike. Especially in the summer, many Bremen residents come here to spend time outdoors or by the water. Thanks to the proximity of the Lesum and Weser rivers, there are also several dikes in our Hanseatic city where you can take a leisurely stroll. We have compiled an overview of spots in the countryside for you.

By the Water

Relax on a fine sandy beach, unwind at the Stadtwaldsee lake or let the sea air waft around your nose - Bremen is not known as a city by the water for nothing. Find out here where you can cool off on a hot day or enjoy the great maritime view! And if that's not enough: Bremerhaven and the sea are only an hour's drive away.

Out in the Fresh Air

Would you like to discover nature on a leisurely hike, stroll along the waterfront or play a game of mini-golf? In Bremen there are many activities you can do in the fresh air. We've put together a few tips for you that won't leave you bored. Even beyond the city limits, there are a number of destinations for an excursion into nature!

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