Tips for Families in Bremen

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Attractions in the city for children.

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If you're going on an excursion with children, you need a few things in your luggage: drinks, a few snacks for the road and a strong set of nerves for when the good mood fades. But above all, you need a programme that is fun for the little ones! Bremen has many attractions that are suitable for children. We have put together a few tips for you.

1 The Bremen Town Musicians play

Free and outside: the well-known fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm will be performed every Sunday from 19 July to 25 October 2020 at 12 o'clock on the Domshof. As donkey, dog, cat and rooster, the performers from the Interaktiwo Theatre will make sure you have fun and are in a good mood. Find out more here.

Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten vom Theater Interaktiwo (Foto: Theater Interaktiwo / Norbert A. Müller)

Quelle: Theater Interaktiwo / Norbert A. Müller

1 The Bürgerpark

One of the most beloved parks in Bremen is the Bürgerpark. The Bürgerpark offers families not only fresh air and open space but also playgrounds, a small zoo, mini golf course, and rowboat rentals. Ship ahoy!

Blick über den Teich auf die Meierei im Bürgerpark

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1 Puppet theatre

In the heart of the hip Bremer neighbourhood, "the Viertel", the puppet theatre "Mensch, Puppe!" has its home. The theatre has a family programme with fairy tales and other stories beautifully staged for children from the age of three up.

Szene aus "Fiete Anders" (Foto: Mensch, Puppe! / Marianne Menke)

Quelle: Mensch, Puppe!

1 Café Sand

A popular outing in the summer months is Café Sand. Enjoy a holiday in the sun in the middle of the city replete with a sandy beach, a restaurant with sundeck terrace, and a beer garden. The shallow water, perfect for splashing in, and the wide band of sand, ideal for building sand castles, make this a perfect spot for families with small children. You can board the Hal Över ferry to Café Sand at Osterdeich.

Im Sommer einer der beliebtesten Orte in Bremen: der Weserstrand mit der Badestelle am Café Sand.

Quelle: WFB Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen GmbH/T. Vankann

1 Universum

The whale-shaped Science Center, Das Universum® Bremen, invites you to come discover, research, and experiment. The permanent exhibition focuses on the themes humans, nature, and technology. Whether young or old, the curious shouldn’t miss this Bremen attraction. You’ll happily spend hours here. The Universum makes for a great family outing.

Aufnahme vom Gelände des Universum Bremen mit walförmigen Science Center, würfelförmiger SchauBox und Außengelände

Quelle: Universum Bremen

1 Bremer Geschichtenhaus

Travel back through three hundred years of Bremen history at the Bremer Geschichtenhaus from the 17th to the early 20th century. Performers dressed in historical costumes lead you through the exhibition and bring Bremen characters of bygone days to life. The tour takes about an hour. The Geschichtenhaus is in the Schnoor, Bremen’s oldest district.

Ein Gruppenbild der Darsteller vom Geschichtenhaus in ihren historischen Kostümen

Quelle: bras e.V.

1 Tour of the Werder Stadium

Here the dream becomes reality for Werder fans, young and old: To sit on the trainer’s bench and feel the presence of team! You can also explore the inside of the stadium, the visiting-team changing room, the press conference room, and the VIP area. The tour takes about 1½ to 2 hours and ends in the Wuseum.

Im Werderstadion stehen Leute während einer Stadionführung am Spielfeldrand.

Quelle: ®das sprengwerk

1 Stadtbibliothek (City Library)

The central library and the neighbourhood branch libraries offer two programmes for families with children. "Gedichte für Wichte" (Poems for Little Ones) for families with children younger than three years old and "BilderBuchKino" (Story Book Cinema) for children four years and older. Both are free of charge. For information and dates check the Stadtbibliothek Bremen website.

BilderBuchKino in der Stadtbibliothek Bremen (Foto: Stadtbibliothek Bremen)

Quelle: Stadtbibliothek Bremen

1 HafenRummel

Carnival atmosphere and harbour ambience of the 1950s: Fun and games for all ages can be had at the HafenRummel in Bremen’s Überseestadt. On an obstacle course with 11 stations, you can try your hand at old carnival games and collect points. Who knows? Perhaps with a little luck and some talent, you could be the high scorer! The obstacle course takes about 90 minutes to complete.

Der große Münzschieber ist ein Spiel des Hafenrummels an einem Tisch.

Quelle: Hafenrummel

1 Torfkahnfahrt (Peat Boat trip)

With a trip on a peat boat, you can explore the former wetlands and marshland between Bremen’s Blockland and Teufelsmoor via the waterways. The trip begins at the Torfhafen in Findorff. On board the former practice of peat extraction is explained. The trip lengths vary depending on the tour chosen. Bookings are available at Bremer Touristik-Zentrale.

Ein Torfkahn auf dem Torfkanal.

Quelle: WFB / Thomas Hellmann

1 Airport tour

Up into the skies! The airport tour developed especially for children is an exciting activity for the entire family. The tour takes place Sunday afternoons and lasts about 90 minutes to 2 hours. Reservations are recommended. The tours are offered by Stattreisen Bremen e.V.

Flughafenführung für Kinder (Foto: Flughafen Bremen GmbH)

Quelle: Flughafen Bremen GmbH

1 Stadteilfarm Huchting (Neighborhood farm)

Cooking or baking, caring for and feeding animals, gardening, making fire or simply playing – the neighbourhood farm offers a lot for children and families. Ponies, sheep, teacup pigs, alpacas and other animals make their home here. People of all ages are heartily welcome to visit the farm during its opening hours.

Die Thüringer Waldziege "Arti" auf der Stadtteilfarm Huchting.

Quelle: Stadtteilfarm Huchting

You can find all the tips in Bremen here

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