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Experience Bremen at Home

A view of Bremen's market square with the town hall and Roland statue.
Immerse yourself in the diverse Hanseatic city with numerous digital experiences!


Would you like to discover the most beautiful corners of Bremen from home, visit our parlour from your couch or take a stroll through the winding Schnoor? Would you like to take a virtual tour of the museums and knowledge worlds or sail on the Weser? Then click through our collection of digital offers about our beautiful Hanseatic city, get in the mood for your next visit to Bremen or reminisce.

Guided Visit of the Bremen City Centre

Take a look behind the doors of the town hall or stroll through the market square from the comfort of your sofa. The camera follows the Bremen professional for you and you are taken to particularly interesting corners of the city. Have fun with a tour of the cosy kind..

Bremen in 360 Degrees

Let your eyes wander - we invite you to take a virtual look around various corners of Bremen. Discover the town hall from the inside, Bremen's market square, the winding alleys in the Schnoor district or Bremen's secret main street, the unique Böttcherstraße.

Museums Digital

Join us on a virtual discovery tour through Bremen's museums and worlds of knowledge!

Bremen Boettcherstrasse

The Carillon of Böttcherstraße for your Home

On a virtual keyboard, you can make the 30 Meissen porcelain bells ring out. Have fun!

© WFB/Ingrid Krause

City by the River

Come with us to the Weser. The river flows like a lifeline through the middle of Bremen and shapes the Hanseatic city's attitude to life in a very special way. Stroll along the banks of the Schlachte and enjoy a variety of delicacies in the adjacent beer gardens. And on a Weser cruise you can sail along the promenade towards Überseestadt and the industrial harbours.

Bremen's Culinary Delights

The finest chocolate, sweets, liqueurs or fair-trade products - you can literally let Bremen melt in your mouth even when you're far away. Numerous sweet delicacies and liquid delights, such as craft beer or aromatic coffees, are produced or processed in Bremen. The Bremen products are often available in the respective online shops and thus find their way directly to your home.

A Look Behind the Scenes

Take a look behind the scenes with us. We'll take you on a short tour of the Beck's brewery and stroll with you through Schuppen Eins - Bremen's centre for automotive culture and mobility. You'll find out how sweet delicacies are made at the Bremer Bonbon Manufaktur and how Lloyd Caffee gets the best out of the bean.

Pure Nature

Bremen is one of the greenest cities in the country. The Bürgerpark is like a green lung in the centre of Bremen. The Rhododendron Park is home to the second largest collection of rhododendrons in the world. In autumn, Bremen's nature is particularly colourful. Take a chance and have a look!

Events All Year Round

Plan your trip to Bremen around one of the city's many event highlights. As soon as the sweet smells of popcorn and roasted almonds float over Bremen's Bürgerweide and adrenaline-fuelled screams fill the air, it's time for the Freimarkt, the fifth season in the Hanseatic city. Experience the whole thing virtually right now. Along the Weser promenade Schlachte, the Maritime Week takes place every year in September. Learn interesting facts about maritime topics or marvel at the arts and crafts on offer. The Christmas market and Schlachte magic are known beyond the borders of Bremen. Come with us on a virtual stroll. The Osterwiese is the little brother of the Freimarkt. Over 200 rides and stalls offer lots of fun and culinary delights. Get a first impression. In summer, the Breminale attracts visitors to the Osterdeich. Lots of music, dance, art and culture await you at the cultural festival on the Weser.

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The bronze statue of the Bremen town musicians.

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