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Districts of Bremen

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Welcome to the different and varied districts of Bremen.

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Bremen's 23 districts are as exciting as they are diverse. Whether located on the left or right of the Weser, in the middle of the city or in the rural outskirts - the individual districts could hardly be more different. On this page you will find key information and a few visual impressions. Get to know the charming characteristics and differences of Bremen's neighborhoods better!

Districts in the West of Bremen

Situated on the right side of the Weser River, the districts of Häfen, Mitte, Blockland, Findorff, Gröpelingen and Walle stretch out in Bremen's west. Especially the historic core with its many sights attracts Bremen citizens and visitors again and again to the old town to marvel and dream. But also Findorff and the Blockland offer you a spot of nature in the middle of the city to walk and breathe. In Gröpelingen and Walle you can experience urban flair close to the city and a cosmopolitan Bremen.

Districts in the East of Bremen

The east of Bremen also has a lot to offer. While in the districts of Horn-Lehe and Schwachhausen you are close to the university, Osterholz and Vahr offer you the opportunity to live cheaply. Those who like to spend the night will find what they are looking for in the Östliche Vorstadt. In just a few minutes' walk you will find yourself in the middle of the turbulent bar scene. In the districts of Borgfeld and Hemelingen, on the other hand, you can experience rural life and the closeness to nature up close.

Districts in the South of Bremen

The southern district of our Hanseatic city stretches to the left of the Weser River. Especially in the districts of Strom, Seehausen and Obervieland, idyllic landscapes and a relaxed village atmosphere await you. Here you can escape the hustle and bustle of the big city. If you prefer a more urban and central location, Neustadt or Woltmershausen are the right places to go. In a few minutes you can reach harbors and the water, but at the same time you have many pubs and stores right around the corner.

Districts in the North of Bremen

Downstream, where the Lesum flows into the Weser, the north of Bremen begins. Here is also the northernmost district of Bremen: Blumenthal. At the same time, it is also the only one that extends on both sides of the Weser. But also the other two districts Burglesum and Vegesack can be seen. They are characterized above all by a long port tradition and idyllic nature. It is not for nothing that Burglesum is also described as "The front garden of Bremen".

History of the city districts

Before the Bremen Senate passed an ordinance in February 1951, our Hanseatic city consisted of a total of five city districts. These were subdivided by the resolution into today's city districts. The individual districts of Seehausen, Strom, Borgfeld, Oberneuland and Blockland, which do not belong to a separate city district, were added. Some of the districts actually have a long history.

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