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New in Bremen

People sit and walk along the Schlachte as the sun begins to set
Welcome to our beautiful city at the Weser, to your new home! This is where you'll find tips for getting started in your new place of residence. Let yourself be inspired and make yourself at home in Bremen.

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Whether your studies, a new job, love or simply the desire for change brings you to Bremen- with the beautiful city on the Weser you have chosen a wonderful place to live. North German serenity, lots of green, the complete range from high culture to subculture, cosmopolitanism, short distances, the proximity to the water - there are many reasons that speak for Bremen and create the local lifestyle. We try to give you a small impression of the diversity of your new home and at the same time give you a few practical tips. We're glad you're here!

Off to Bremen! Tips for moving and arriving

Your move to Bremen is just around the corner? We want to help you to make this step as fast and comfortable as possible.

Making yourself at home quickly

A favorite place to eat or a favorite place to stroll, on a first-name basis with the vendors or familiar with the most important hotspots and insider tips, as well as an absolutely cozy home - these are all factors that contribute to feeling really at home in a city. The road to familiarity is peppered with many exciting discoveries and new experiences. We've got plenty of inspiration for you.

Bremen Lifestyle

Cycling, ' kaffeesieren ', a cabbage tour in freezing temperatures, enjoying handmade delicacies, spending time in nature - all this and much more is part of the Bremen way of life, which you can best experience live, of course. To let you know where to find the sweet life along the Weser, we give you a little preview here.

Connecting with people

The Northern Germans have a reputation for being somewhat reserved or even cold. This impression is deceptive. Here people just like to take a little time to get to know their counterparts better. But once you have conquered the hearts of Bremen's people, you have made friends for life. Below are a few tips on where you can make friends.

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