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Days out and the surrounding region

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How about travelling the world along the eighth degree of longitude at the Klimahaus? Or tracing the history of art nouveau at the artists' village of Worpswede? Not only does Bremen city centre merit a visit. There are also many exciting activities and attractions in the surrounding region that are well worth discovering.

Places of interest in Bremen's surrounding region

Ein Fachwerkhaus in Fischerhude.


Marshes, sandy heathland, forests, dunes and tree-lined meadows define the scenic diversity that surrounds Fischerhude, seemingly lost in time.

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Weißes Haus mit rotem Dach umringt von Bäumen und Wiese

The artists' village of Worpswede

The scenery around Worpswede is lovely, the art is unique, and the residents and guests fill it with life.

Quelle: Nicole Kanning / www.worpswede.de


The unending sky of Northern Germany. The constant beat of tidal waves. The toing and froing of mighty ships from every corner of the world. Old seafaring dreams. Navigation lights gleaming on the lightless river. Floating sails that belly in the sunshine. Seabirds that fly into the sunset. The surging of the storm tide. And the hooting of foghorns in the early hours of the morning. Sights and sounds that typify the busy deep-water seaport of Bremerhaven. Weiterlesen

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Day trips to the North Sea coast

Take a boat trip out to Helgoland, set sail on the sea or gaze at gargantuan cruise ships.

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Relaxing by the water

If the way to the coast is too far for you, enjoy the Bremen waters. Numerous lakes and the local rivers invite you to take long tours in the fresh air.

Mann auf einer Luftmatratze auf dem Werdersee

Stadtwerder and Lake Werdersee

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Eine Frau und zwei Mädchen aus der Unterwasserperspektive in einem Schwimmbad fotografiert. fotolia / Iuliia Sokolovska

Bremen's pools and spas

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Harriersand convinces with a long, white sandy beach. On this excursion the way is the goal, because the outward journey leads you along green meadows and idyllic nature. The river island lies opposite the port city of Brake. Depending on which part of the beach you are on, you will observe the hustle and bustle in the port facility on the opposite side of the Weser. The ferry Guntsiet commutes several times a day between Brake and Harriersand and ferries numerous cyclists who like to use the surroundings for cycling tours.

Zu sehen ist ein langer, weißer Sandstrand, an dessen rechter Seite blaues Wasser grenzt. Links vom Strand stehen grüne Bäume. Der Himmel ist strahlend blau.

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Eine Radfahrerin und ein Radfahrer im Blockland

Long-distance cycle routes in and around Bremen

Various sections of these routes are also suitable for one-day bike rides.

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Ein ruderndes Paar im Bürgerpark

Parks and Recreation

Enjoy Bremen at its most natural!

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Die Sielwallfähre legt ab in Richtung Café Sand

Ferries in Bremen

Cross the Weser and enjoy Bremen's shortest boat ride or set out on a short trip to the beach.

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Family attractions in Bremen's surrounding region

Serengeti Park Hodenhagen

Northern Germany’s largest safari and leisure park with 1,500 animals including 200 monkeys, leisure/water world. Enjoy an exciting, unforgettable day out in the four fascinating discovery zones at Serengeti Park.

Quelle: Serengeti-Park Hodenhagen

Walsrode Bird Park

World’s largest bird park: first-class entertainment with sensational flying shows, a beautiful botanical garden and a blossoming sea of flowers. You can admire over 4,200 birds from all the Earth's climate zones.

Quelle: Vogelpark Walsrode GmbH

Climate House Bremerhaven 8° East

The journey at Klimahaus Bremerhaven® 8° Ost offers a close-up experience of how people live in the Earth's major climate zones and presents realistic impressions of authentic locations all along the eighth degree of longitude east.

Quelle: Laurence Delderfield / Klimahaus Bremerhaven 8° Ost

Magic Park Verden

Spend an unforgettable action-packed day with your family at this unique magical fairytale theme park – fun is as good as guaranteed!. At the petting zoo, you can get up close to all the animals.

Quelle: Magic Park Verden

German Emigration Centre Bremerhaven

In the German Emigration Center visitors encounter the moving family stories of the emigrants – and also learn about the eventful paths of those who have made Germany their home since the 17th century.

Quelle: Deutsches Auswandererhaus

Zoo am Meer

Specialising in aquatic and Nordic species, the Zoo am Meer is home to approx. 280 species including polar bears, Humboldt penguins, northern gannets and seals.

Quelle: Zoo am Meer Bremerhaven

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Blick auf die Waldbühne im Bürgerpark

Outdoor Dining

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