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Moin Hanseatic City

A couple sits in the evening sun on the terrace of the Feuerwache in Überseestadt and looks out over the harbour basin.
Feel, smell, taste, see - the beautiful Weser city invites you to enjoy its very special atmosphere with all your senses. Be inspired and find out where you can best experience the local and authentic Bremen lifestyle.

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Local Flair

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Local Craft

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Local Taste

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Local Green

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Strolling dreamily through unknown alleyways, finally changing the wallpaper again, feeling a light breeze on your skin, listening to unfamiliar sounds, savouring delicious discoveries, gathering new impressions, leaving the familiar paths for once - have you also felt wanderlust? Then Bremen is definitely the perfect outlet for your desire to explore. The beautiful city on the River Weser enchants with its very own local specialities. You can expect Hanseatic flair, cultural and culinary delights, handcrafted treasures and numerous places to take a deep breath and recharge your batteries. Look forward to a city that will make all your senses dance.

Local Flair: the Bremen Attitude to Life

Typically Bremen

Bremen's hanseatic inheritance mingles effortlessly with creativity and modern innovation against the backdrop of the city's historic streets and buildings in an atmosphere of relaxed northern "cool". Come and experience this vibrant mix in a city where history and tradition underscore the life of a modern, diverse and multi-faceted metropolis. There's so much to see, do and experience here that's guaranteed to bring a sparkle to your eyes and lighten your heart. Get a feeling for the Bremen lifestyle.

How to Party, Bremen-Style

The Northern German character is often described as reticent and rather restrained. However, you'll never think that again once you've seen how locals celebrate at the many colourful and exuberant events that take place in Bremen. Held at regular intervals throughout the year, these festivals are always a welcome diversion from everyday life. They bring their own special atmosphere to the city, with performances and displays that astound and astonish. The Freimarkt, the local funfair, is even celebrated as the fifth season of the year. The arrival of the Breminale, THE cultural event on the banks of the Weser, puts the entire city in festival mood. In winter, it's Schlachte-Zauber, a busy medieval-themed market held around Christmas time that brings a mystical feel to the river. The Samba Carnival brings the fire of Rio to the frosts of a hanseatic February, and international performers flock to the La Strada festival, showcasing street art and artists, to cast a spell over Bremen's city-centre streets. Musikfest Bremen, the Bremen Music Festival, attracts classical musicians from all over the world, and the Maritime Woche (Maritime Festival Week) gives the city the chance to really celebrate its close connection with the water. You're sure to find something amongst all the Bremen highlights that captures your imagination!

Local Craft: Discover Traditional Workmanship

Thanks to Bremen's tradition of seafaring and the global trade links established by the Hanseatic League, local people absorb a good measure of curiosity and open-mindedness while still in the cradle. These international connections have also always been the means by which exotic delicacies from far-off lands found their way to the banks of the Weser. All of this goes to explain why people here still have a well-developed appetite for culinary delights, and still pursue their interests with inventiveness and vigour and proudly apply the skills of traditional craftsmanship to modern-day tasks. The result is a myriad of businesses and workshops where imaginative people have devoted themselves to creating their hand-crafted products. And the best thing about this is that many of these workshops let you have a look "behind the scenes" so you can see the creative process up close. So, get your taste buds ready and follow your nose to discover your next exciting experience.

Local Taste: Bremen on the Tip of the Tongue

The selection of local businesses we've showcased here really shows Bremen's love of eating, drinking and its appreciation of the finer things in life, but this is only a snapshot. Generally speaking, local people really know how to relish life's little pleasures. Simply changing down a gear, enjoying a moment of northern cool and treating yourself to a really good drink or a particularly tasty snack – that's something everyone in Bremen holds dear. It's hardly surprising that Bremen has so many traditions that revolve entirely around eating and drinking, that we've our own words for cuisine and lifestyle and that even our Town Hall cellars are home to a restaurant and bar. Join one of our "tasteful" food-themed group tours and discover the many and varied delicacies on offer in the city.

Your Local Green Space: a Breath of Fresh Bremen Air

Bremen is one of Germany’s greenest cities. And its citizens enjoy being out in the fresh air. No matter what the weather's doing – locals take every opportunity to step outdoors. Even if it's only to stretch your legs on a short stroll through the neighbourhood (known locally as to go "um'n Pudding"). If you fancy something more energetic, the many, particularly attractive parks or the truly unique Blockland district are a cyclists' paradise. Cyclists are very well looked after here. Travelling on two wheels is the preferred option out here in the countryside, both during the week and for leisure and relaxation at the weekend. And, of course, being able to spend free time on the river plays a huge role in the lives of Bremen's citizens. Enjoying nature is the best way of reinvigorating your mind and body. Undoubtedly, Bremen will also encourage you to let the wind blow the cobwebs away, take time to listen to the rustling leaves and let the fresh breezes ripple over your skin.

Life Outside the City Limits: Bremen's Surroundings

No matter how enthralling the local sights, or how much Bremen's citizens love their wonderful city, they've always known the value of having a look at what's going on outside the city limits! If this wasn't the case, Bremen would certainly not be the colourful, diverse and fascinating place it is today. This is why we're happy to share a couple of really useful tips about Bremen's surroundings.

Gezeichnete Skyline von Bremens prominentenen Gebäuden