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Sights in Bremen

The statue of the Bremen Town Musicians.
Get ready for sightseeing in Bremen!

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1,200 years of tradition and cosmopolitanism shape Bremen, the Hanseatic city on the Weser. The old trading city with its historic centre around the market square exudes the flair of a young metropolis. And yet anyone who embarks on a journey through time with open eyes will witness its long and exciting history. Look forward to Bremen's sights. There is much to discover!

Sights right in the heart of Bremen

The magnificent Weser Renaissance town hall and the venerable figure of Roland on the historic market square remain unmistakable. They have embodied the citizens' will for independence since 1404. The town hall and Roland are protected by UNESCO as a unique world heritage site, but the Schnoor - Bremen's oldest quarter - the unusual architecture of the tradition-steeped Böttcherstrasse or Bremen Cathedral are also unparalleled. You don't even need a city map for a tour of the most important sights. 2,000 brass and steel nails lead from Liebfrauenkirchhof via Marktplatz and Schnoor to Böttcherstraße.

A view of Bremen's market square with the town hall and Roland statue.

Town Hall and Roland Statue

UNESCO-world heritage sites in Bremen

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The statue of the Roland by night.

Roland Statue

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Bremen Town Musicians and Ratskeller

The starting point of the route is the Hanseatic city's secret landmark. With its back to the town hall and its face to the Liebfrauenkirchhof, the bronze statue of the Bremen Town Musicians designed by Gerhard Marcks presents itself. The fairy tale of the legendary figures is known all over the world and has been as closely associated with Bremen as the town hall and Roland since the Brothers Grimm. Anyone who touches the donkey's legs is granted a wish.

Only a few steps away from the Town Musicians, also on the west side of the Town Hall, is the entrance to Germany's oldest wine cellar. In Bremen's Ratskeller, the cellar master has been pouring fine wines since 1409. With 650 different varieties, it houses the largest collection of German wine.

The Bremen Town Musicians. The Ratskeller building can be seen in the background.

Bremen Town Musicians

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Bremen Ratskeller

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More traditional sights

Plenty of other Sights to Discover...

If you continue to follow the brass and steel nails, your path will lead you from one sight to the next. Whether it's the Bremer Geschichtenhaus, the Paula Modersohn Becker Museum, the Schütting or the pigs in Sögestraße - there's plenty to discover in Bremen's city centre. But there are also numerous highlights beyond the city centre that you should visit. In the Focke Museum you can follow in the footsteps of Bremen's history, the Universum® Bremen invites you to marvel and participate, while in the Überseestadt you can see how past and present blend together between old harbour buildings.

Maritime Sights

Even more Sights to Discover

View of the Bremen Kunsthalle in the Wallanlagen from above

Museums and Science

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The Bremen Town Musicians

ArtPeeks – ART'N'WALK through the City

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Bremen Architecture

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A statue of a man holding binoculars.

Maritime Bremen

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Best Views in Bremen

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A bronze statue of a man with a hat.

Legends and Monuments

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The town hall and Roland statue on Bremen's market square. The Town Musicians Express passes by.

Must-See Attractions

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Gezeichnete Skyline von Bremens prominentenen Gebäuden