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Plan your Sustainable Visit to Bremen

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Here's how to make your next trip to Bremen more sustainable!

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People who travel sustainably make an effort to act responsibly and in an environmentally friendly manner not only in their everyday lives, but also when traveling. This means taking the cultural and social aspects of your holiday destination into account and doing your best to protect nature and the environment. Making an informed decision about the type of accommodation you choose, the activities available at your vacation spot and how you move around whilst there can help you find the best offers, enjoy authentic experiences and get a better understanding of local culture.

A growing number of hotels, restaurants and other tourist businesses in Bremen are putting increasing emphasis on issues of sustainability. We've put together a number of tips on a range of topics such as how you can travel to and stay in Bremen in a sustainable way. Bremen's reputation as the "city of short distances" means it is wonderfully easy to explore either on foot or by bike. Come and spend time relaxing in the city's many parks and green spaces! You'll also find a multitude of sustainable eco-friendly activities that promote social inclusion when it comes to shopping, leisure and socialising. We hope you enjoy our suggestions about how to make your visit to our city greener and more sustainable.

Travelling Sustainably

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Sustainable Overnight Stays in Bremen

We've put together a list of Bremen hotels with an internationally recognised sustainability certificate and other accommodation options in the surrounding area that follow a particularly sustainable concept. Other hotels with details about what they do to promote sustainability are listed below.

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Conscious Eating

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Sustainable Activities

Whether it's a guided exploration tour by bike, a stroll through various second-hand shops or a visit to one of the numerous museums and knowledge worlds - a lot of sustainable experiences await you in Bremen!

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Getting around the City

Accessible Bremen

You'll find more detailed information about fully accessible accommodation, attractions, excursions and activities, covering art, culture, sport and leisure here.

Eine Rollstuhlfahrerin macht Fotos auf dem Marktplatz.

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Gezeichnete Skyline von Bremens prominentenen Gebäuden