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Vegesack municipal gardens

Von einer Aussichtsplattform kann man über einen Park gucken. Im Hintergrund ist die Weser zu sehen.
Exotic trees and botanical rarities on the steep banks of the Weser in Vegesack.

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Explore a wealth of exotic trees and botanical rarities on the steep banks of the Weser in Vegesack. Flowers from all over the world, Herbaceous gardens, rose hill and protected habitat for trees.

History of the Vegesack municipal gardens

The origins of the municipal gardens go back to the late 18th century when the doctor Albrecht Wilhelm Roth found the barren, sandy area on the Weser riverbank to be the ideal site for his scientific work and asked captains and travellers to bring him plants back from all over the world.
Today, the municipal gardens are a real gem, reflecting an important time in history and making for a thoroughly relaxing excursion.

Plants that are native to other, warmer climes flourish in the municipal gardens, for example the 'marsh mallow' (from north Africa) and the foxglove tree from China. There are also aralias from Mongolia and hardy fuchsias from Argentina. Although all these plants originated in regions whose climates differ greatly from northern Europe's, they have been able to adapt and develop new growing habits.

Zwei Skulpturen stehen in einem Rosenbeet.
Der Blick geht über die Weser. Davor sind ein paar Bäume gepflanzt und daneben stehen Bänke.

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