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Bürgerpark Bremen

A body of water in the Bürgerpark.
Bremen's green oasis for all nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts

© WFB / Melanka Helms-Jacobs

The Bürgerpark, together with the adjacent Stadtwald in the north, is Bremen's largest contiguous park. Bremen's citizens greatly appreciate their 200-hectare green oasis with its numerous leisure facilities, very close to the main railway station.

Activities in the Bürgerpark

More Information about the Bürgerpark

150 Years of Bürgerpark

Construction work on Bürgerpark began on 28 June 1866. The Bürgerpark Association celebrated the 150th anniversary in 2016 with numerous events.

The Legend of the Bürgerpark

According to an old legend, Countess Emma von Lesum donated the area to the citizens of Bremen in 1032 because they complained that there was not enough grazing land for their cattle. The good-natured countess declared that the citizens would receive as much land as a man could walk around from sunrise to sunset. However, since her brother-in-law Duke Benno of Saxony was afraid of losing his inheritance, he chose a physically impaired man for this task. Contrary to his expectations, however, he was able to walk around a whole 400 hectares; the current area of the Bürgerpark.

Whether you believe this legend is up to you!

Impressions of the Bürgerpark

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Walk in the Bürgerpark

© WFB Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen GmbH/T. Vankann

Two ducks sit on a meadow in the Bürgerpark.

Parks and Recreation

© WFB / Melanka Helms-Jacobs

The photo shows the open air theatre "Shakespeare in the Park".

Shakespeare in the Park

© Marianne Menke

Gezeichnete Skyline von Bremens prominentenen Gebäuden