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Rhododendron-Park Bremen

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A Rainbow of Blossoms


All year-round, visitors to the Rhododendron Park can enjoy unusual plants outside in the park as well as inside the greenhouse.

A Sea of Blossoms in May

The Rhododendronpark in Bremen is at its most beautiful in the merry month of May. A little tip: In some years, you can look forward to the main blossom a few weeks earlier. You can follow the progress of the blossoms on the Rhododendronpark's Instagram channel. There is space for over 10,000 rhododendron and azalea bushes on around 46 hectares. This makes the Rhododendron Park not only one of the most beautiful, but also one of the largest of its kind. For six weeks, magnificent colours ranging from yellow to violet to red shine between mighty beech and oak trees. Since 1937, the splendour of the blossoms can be admired daily in Horn.

Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden is the jewel in the middle of the Rhododendron Park. On 3.2 hectares there is a scientifically oriented collection with over 6500 different plants from the homeland and from all over the world. The plants are arranged according to themes and provided with explanatory signs: A green encyclopaedia for strolling, discovering and learning.

Honey from the Rhododendronpark

Right next to the botanika, you have the opportunity to buy Bremen honey from the end of March to the end of October! The bee colonies are housed at various locations in Bremen and in the Rhododendron Park. You can buy the sweet nectar every Sunday from 11 a.m. at the sales van and otherwise also in the botanika shop.

Üppig blühende Rhododendren links und rechts von einem schmalen Weg im Rhododendronpark.



The "botanika

The botanika – Bremen's world of nature discovery is a nature experience centre that opened in 2003 in the heart of the Rhododendron Park. Consisting of a "discovery centre" and themed show greenhouses, the "botanika" invites young and old to learn about the biological diversity of our earth through interactive exhibits and vivid multimedia presentations. On an exciting expedition, visitors discover distant realms such as the fascinating mountains of the Himalayas or the rainforests of Borneo on the trail of the rhododendron. Authentically recreated landscapes promise a unique, exotic experience of nature.

In der Botanika Bremen lebt ein Gibbon Affe.

© Marcus Meyer / botanika

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