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Music and Record Shops in Bremen

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No one can do without music! That's why Bremen has so many music and record shops to offer.

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Whether you prefer to listen to your music on vinyl, CD, tape or directly from your smartphone - hardly anyone wants to live without music. We have therefore put together a few tips for you on where you can pursue your passion.

1 The Golden Shop

In the Golden Shop you will find a wide range of vinyl and CDs from all areas. There are also DVDs and audio books. If you're lazy about walking, you can also visit the online shop - although it's really worth a visit to this charming shop!
Besides the music, the Golden Shop is known for its underground literature, graphic novels and graffiti & street art.

Die vordere Ansicht des Golden Shops.

© WFB / Kristina Tarnowski

2 Bartels Noten

Bartels Noten is located in the heart of the city centre, in the Baumwollbörse building. A visit to this traditional shop can therefore be ideally combined with a stroll through the city. Bartels Noten is a specialist music shop and offers everything to do with sheet music, music writing papers and music-related non-fiction books, biographies and reference works. A total of more than 200,000 music scores and books await you.

Geige, Saxophon und Gitarre angeschnitten auf Notenpapier liegend

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3 Musikbörse

The Musikbörse in Bremen is a small, cosy shop where you can get friendly and competent advice - especially in the beginners' area. Here you can find everything about guitars, ukuleles and other stringed instruments. You can also have your old instruments repaired, find all kinds of accessories or just chat about your love of music.

Die Musikbörse in Bremen von außen

© bremen.online/MKA

4 Hot Shot Records

Hot Shot Records is located directly at the Wallanlagen and supplies you with records, CDs and DVDs. There are currently over 70,000 different items in stock, whether new or second-hand - what isn't there can be bought worldwide at reasonable prices. Whether it's Madonna or Iron Maiden, there's always a witty saying for free.

Blick auf die CD-Regale und Plattenregale bei Hot Shot Records.

© Hot Shot Records

5 Gitarrengalerie

The guitar gallery offers everything a specialist shop for acoustic guitars should offer: Your guitar needs to be repaired? Are you looking for the right accessories? The Guitar Gallery is definitely the right place to go for you and your guitars!
Here you'll find concert and acoustic guitars, children's guitars and more exotic instruments like acoustic bass and octave guitars. Before you buy a guitar, you can rent one and put your passion to the test.

Ein älterer und jüngerer Mann arbeiten gemeinsam an der Werkbank an einer Gitarre.

© Karsten Görbig

7 Thein Musikalien

Thein Musikalien has been in business for 41 years and offers a wide range of products. In addition to personal and professional advice, you will find all kinds of sheet music, music accessories, CDs and gifts. Of course, there are also various instruments: Harmonicas, kalimbadas, sansulas, nose flutes, jew's harps and singing bowls are part of the assortment - you can even rent or buy pianos at Thein Musikalien.

Viele Gitarren die an einer Ladenwand aufgehängt wurden

© Fotolia / TASPP

9 Hoins Intermusik

At Hoins Intermusik, you'll find everything your musical heart desires - from pianos to electric guitars. You can also try out the musical instruments directly! Besides new instruments from brand manufacturers, Hoins Intermusik has even more to offer! You can regularly buy second-hand instruments. There is also an in-house workshop - here you can have almost all repairs done and restore your broken instruments to their former glory.

Hoins Intermusik in Bremen als Außenansicht

© bremen.online/MKA

9 Studio Illegale

Since March 2019, you can look forward to the record shop in Bremen's Neustadt! At Weberstraße 18, Studio Illegale invites you to browse, listen and buy all kinds of records.

10 Black Plastic Bremen

Looking for vinyl? You'll find it at Black Plastic Bremen on Dobben! The shop has over 10,000 records ready for you. Besides second-hand LPs in super quality, rarities and new goods await you. With a lot of conviction and passion, you will also be advised on your purchase.

Ein Schallplattenspieler und Kopfhörer umgeben von Büchern und Schallplatten.

© WFB / Kristina Tarnowski

10 Musikhaus Dinter

Are you looking for acoustic or electric guitars? You always wanted to play keyboard or ukulele? Then you will definitely find what you are looking for at Musikhaus Dinter in the city center! In addition to all kinds of instruments and accessories, you can also drop off your broken instruments for repair or have products delivered to your home.

Mehrere Gitarren und Keyboards sind in einem Showroom ausgestellt.

© Musikhaus Dinter

11Twiddle Records

At Twiddle Records you can sell your record collection, but also find new treasures! On the premises of the former printing house of the Weserkurier you will be advised with many years of experience, but also by phone the team of Twiddle Records can help you. If you prefer to look from home, you can also buy records online at Twiddle Records.

12Lätzsch Custom Brass

True professionals for trombones can be found at Lätzsch Custom Brass in Steintor. With a web store and competent advice on site, no wishes remain unfulfilled. The company was founded in 1949 and has always been family owned and ready to answer all your questions about trombones.

14Flea markets

If you are looking for very special record treasures and have already rummaged through all the record stores, strolling through one or the other flea market is also an alternative.

Flohmarkt am Weserufer - Auf einem Tisch werden Sachen zum Verkauf angeboten

© WFB; Thomas Hellmann

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