Drei gefüllte Weingläser, eine Flasche gießt Rotwein in eines der Gläser.

Wine Merchants

You prefer to sample wine before you buy it and don’t want to rely on just a description in the internet? Then stop by a wine store in your area. For every palate, our wine merchants have the right bottle at hand.  

 Ludwig von Kapff

Ludwig von Kapff has been offering you a substantial and exciting array of wines since 1692. At their warehouse in Speicher I in the Überseestadt, you’ll find over 600 selected wines from all over the world. A second location on the Wachmannstraße offers wine from all around the globe as well.

Ludwig von Kapff Außenansicht

Ludwig von Kapff Außenansicht

Quelle: Ludwig von Kapff


Wine has a new home in Bremen’s city center. At the concept wine store wein.heimat in the citylab, you’ll find products from newer German vintners and small, exclusive spirit distillers. Those who appreciate a good glass of wine will find (almost) everything their hearts desire in a charming atmosphere.   


 Weinhandel im Fedelhören

Since 1987, there’s been more than 500 individually selected wines on offer at Weinhandel im Fedelhören. You can make some unique discoveries here because mass production wines aren’t in their assortment.

Weinhandel Fedelhören

Quelle: Weinhandel Fedelhören

 Kiek Rin

At the wine handlers Kiek Rin in the Steintor in the Viertel, the motto is: Come by and have a taste. Wine is sampled and sold with passion here.

Außenansicht Kiek Rin Weinhandel

Quelle: WFB / Katharina Müller


Lowin, the wine merchant on the Hamburger Straße, offers wine from Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France and Austria. Stop by and have a look. 

Innenansicht Lowin Weinhandel

Quelle: Lowin Weinhandel

 Weinkontor St. Petrus

The Weinkontor St. Petrus is in the Böttcherstraße. The Weinkontor has been located at this address since 1999 and in addition to wine you can also purchase spirits, Sekt and Champagne here.

Außenwand Weinkontor St. Petrus

Außenwand Weinkontor St. Petrus

Quelle: WFB; Müller

 Julius Kalbhenn

Now in the second generation, family-owned Julius Kalbhenn was established on the Schüsselkorb in 1921. The wine from Kalbhenn comes exclusively from renowned, quality vineyards. In addition to the large assortment of wine and sparkling wines, you can also purchase spirits at Kalbhenn. 

Kalbhenn Außenansicht

Quelle: WFB / Katharina Müller

 Gute Weine - Janssen

At Gute Weine – Janssen in the Viertel you get a rich assortment of high-quality wines from an award-winning wine merchant.

 Findorffer Weinladen

The Findorffer Weinladen is in the Hemmstraße in Findorff. The wine store offers a good assortment of basic wines from Europe, but also newer discoveries from all over the world. You’ll also find various liquors, liqueurs and Grappas here.

Blick auf einen Weinladen in Findorff

Quelle: Katharina Bünn

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