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Das Übersee-Museum von außen
The Übersee-Museum, where visitors experience the fascination of distant continents.

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Globetrotters both young and old can indulge their passion for travel at the Übersee-Museum. Visitors can be adventurers for a day here, experiencing the fascination of distant continents.

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The trip around the world begins in Oceanina, where visitors can dive into an underwater world. Exotic fish, colourful coral reefs, and legendary water creatures await you here. From the Pacific, the next stop is Asia. The continent of contradictions is presented as such: Pulsating mega-cities like Shanghai are depicted alongside the more traditional aspects and the spiritual tranquillity of the continent. The excursion continues to Africa, where the vibrant metropole of Nairobi, the fascinating animal world, and the abundant natural resources of Africa are presented. The exhibition presents the changing history of the continent as well as the human experience, and includes displays of modern African art. Finally, you can explore the diversity found in the continents of America. Visitors will find a huge pre-Columbian hoard of gold, see an abundantly laden "Thanksgiving" table, and meet a life-sized bison. In short films, people from North and South America tell their life stories, which are often interwoven with the subjects of immigration, religion, politics, culture, and even trade.

Kind berührt eine Tafel mit leuchtenden Fischen

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Animals and Plants from All Around the World

Nature lovers will really enjoy the Asian rainforest. The animal and plant species living between the underbrush and treetops can be investigated by visitors of all ages. The nature trail unfolds throughout the entire building, to the first and second floors, where the plant and animal worlds of Africa and the Americas can be marvelled at. In the Africa exhibition, the indigenous animals of East and South African savannas are on display in masterful dioramas - life-sized and realistic. At the American exhibit, you can encounter a life-sized bison and a lama.

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Discover What Makes the World Go Round

In the exhibition "What Makes the World Go Round", you can investigate seven phenomena of globalisation: Communication, Global economy, Sex and Gender, Human Rights, Climate change, Migration, and Time. These are themes that we encounter daily in the media and which shape our lives. Questions such as, "What role does a single human being play?" and "How does the climate work?" are answered here in a playful way.

Treasures from all Around the World in The Archives

For the born explorer, the "Schaumagazin" (Archives) is the place. Connected to the museum by an enclosed, pedestrian bridge, a deep pile of buried treasure is waiting to be discovered here.

The collection’s Europe-wide unique combination of ethnology, trade, and natural history enabled the development of interdisciplinary exhibitions that demonstrate the relationship between humans and nature on the different continents. With almost 10,000-square metres of exhibitions space, and 1.2 million articles, the Übersee-Musuem, founded in 1896, is considered one of the most important cultural institutions in northern Germany. Large, special exhibitions with nation-wide appeal round out the museum’s offerings.

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Das Übersee-Museum von außen


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