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Traditional Shops in Bremen

Blick in Holtorf Feinkost: Foto: Jonas Ginter
Electronics, Tasty Treats, Clothing and More

Quelle: Foto: Jonas Ginter

You’ll find plenty of quality and tradition in numerous Bremen shops. With Bremen’s broad array of businesses, you’ll come across some real dinosaurs under the retailers, as some have been operating for over 100 years. With our traditional Bremen shopping tips, you’ll get acquainted with the traditional Hanse city! 

 Spielzeug Sanders

For over 75 years, you’ll find not only children’s toys at Spielzeug Sanders in Findorff, but stationery and office supplies as well as unusual gifts. 

Außenansicht des Geschäfts Sanders.

Quelle: Gerhard Sanders

 Otto G. Balder

Since 1792, Otto G. Balder is the place in Bremen-Mitte for gardening supplies and seeds, if you’re looking to create a beautiful garden.

Eine Aufnahme des Geschäfts von außen, zu sehen sind viele Haushaltswaren und Körbe.

Quelle: Otto G. Balder

 Mayer Junior

Mayer Junior has been known as the "Home of the Schokokuss" since 1920. The Schokoküsse (Chocolate Kisses) are made fresh daily in Rablinghausen for your enjoyment. 

Außenansicht des Geschäfts Mayer Junior.

Quelle: Bremen.online / LLI


The famous Bremen chocolatier Hachez is proud of the fact that every stage in the manufacturing of their fine products takes place under one roof – and it’s been that way since 1890. You can buy their quality chocolate in, amongst other places, the city center of Bremen.

Blick in das traditionsreiche Hachez-Geschäft in der Bremer Innenstadt.

Quelle: WFB / Jonas Ginter

 Max Denner

At Max Denner in the Steintor, you’ll get traditional optometry services from a business that’s been family-run since 1920.

Außenansicht des Geschäfts Max Denner.

Außenansicht des Geschäfts Max Denner.

Quelle: Bremen.online / LLI

 Bäckerei und Konditorei Schmieder

The Bäckerei und Konditorei Schmieder in the Neustadt has been winning customers over with individually developed recipes for breads, cakes, pies and baked goods since 1926.

Eine Außenaufnahme der Bäckerei und Konditorei Schmieder

Quelle: Bäckerei und Konditorei Schmieder

 Schirm Finger

Established in 1876, Schirm Finger has over 2,000 different umbrellas for every occasion and an assortment of canes, as well. You can also have an umbrella repaired at Schirm Finger in the city center. 

Mehrere Regale voller Regenschirme; Quelle: Schirm Finger

Quelle: Schirm Finger


The main business of Elektro-Lühning is electrical installation. However, since 1926, you’ll find numerous household appliances at their shop in Walle. 

Außenansicht des Geschäfts Elektro-Lühning.

Quelle: Bremen.online / LLI

 Kaffee & Tee Hemken

For over 50 years, Kaffee & Tee Hemken in the Viertel has been selling hand-roasted coffee and a large assortment of teas.

Außenansicht der Kaffee-Rösterei Hemken; Quelle: Kaffee-Rösterei Hemken

Quelle: Kaffee-Rösterei Hemken

 Korsett Friedel

In addition to a unique, modern assortment of sleepwear, lingerie and more, Korsett Friedel in the Viertel provides expert advice.

Außenansicht des Geschäfts Korsett Friedel.

Quelle: Bremen.online / LLI

 The Bremer Ratskeller

Of course, the Bremer Ratskeller must be on this list. For 600 years, it’s been holding various events, and you can get specially bottled Town Musician bubbly here. The Ratskeller has the largest assortment of German wines worldwide. It’s located in Bremen-Mitte. 

Der Ratskeller von innen, Tische und Stühle vor einem historischen Wappen, weiße Gewölbedecken.

Quelle: Bremer Ratskeller

 F.L. Bodes

F.L. Bodes has been offering an array of fish, mussels and more since 1860. The traditional fishmongers in the city center even have an online shop. 

Eine Mitarbeiterin von F.L.Bodes räumt Fisch ein.

Quelle: F.L.Bodes

 Bremer Kokosweberei

The Bremer Kokosweberei has been your professional contact for natural floor coverings since 1935. Based in Walle, the company provides competent consultation.

Außenansicht der Bremer Kokosweberei.

Quelle: Bremer Kokosweberei

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