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The Most Beautiful Green Oases in Bremen

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Spoil yourself and take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, immerse yourself in nature and enjoy Bremen’s green side.

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You can be right in the heart of the city, yet relax in natural environs, stroll past hundreds of rhododendrons, or cycle along the roughly 15 km long stretch of dikes through Bremen’s greenest district – with its many beautiful parks, idyllic gardens, numerous nature reserves, and conservation areas, Bremen is one of the greenest cities in Germany. We invite you to discover some of the most beautiful oases in the Hanseatic city and immerse yourself in the diverse natural surroundings. Whether on foot or by bicycle - Bremen offers you more than the urban flair of a vibrant metropolis. You can also look forward to numerous ways of letting the North German sea breeze clear your head and the atmosphere of relaxing landscapes soothe you.


Green, greener, Bürgerpark:The green heart of Bremen with the neighbouring municipal forest to the North, covering a total area of around 200 hectares, is the largest park in the city and even one ofthe largest urban green spaces in Germany. The diverse oasis has something for everyone, from taking a walk or enjoying ice cream, playing, or even just lazing around. The wide range of opportunities also includes numerous playgrounds, a jogging track, boat hire, a minigolf course and an animal enclosure. If you’re lucky, you will see the cute newborn animals in the enclosure in spring. For example, there are little piglets, kids, lambs or fawns who always enjoy seeing visitors.There are also plenty of dining options to choose from. The Haus am Walde,Emma am See, or the Meiereioffera range of different delicious treats, as well as coffee and cake, where you can relax after a brisk walk.

A body of water in the Bürgerpark.

Bürgerpark an Municipal Forest

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Oooh, aaah, wow! That’s what you will probably hear if you visit the beautiful Rhododendron park in full bloom in spring. Particularly in the merry month of May, you will be delighted to find more than 10,000 rhododendron and azalea bushes spread across 46 hectares – the second largest collection of rhododendrons in the world.In this very special park, there is not only a lot to see, but also quite a bit to learn: For example, the botanical garden in the heart of the park features a scientifically curated collection of plants which, among other things, educates visitors about the native flora, as well as medicinal and other useful plants. In the “Old Park” and “New Park” areas, everything revolves around the rhododendron after which the park is named. And anyone who hasn’t had enough yet can enjoy the multimedia showcases and exciting exhibits of biological diversity in Bremen’s great world of discovery – botanika.

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A sea of flowers

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Bremen's big world of discovery

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Right beside the River Weser,level with the lively and popular Viertel district, you will find theOsterdeich, where both young and old can really enjoy themselves. Particularly on warm summerdays, the Osterdeich is the perfect place to have a BBQ, make music, or simply relax. You can also enjoy a pleasant walk or a cycle right along the water’s edge. For an excursion to the other side of the river, for example to visit the Weserstrand amCafé Sandor the Werdersee, you can simply glide across on the Sielwallfähre ferry. But if you would rather reach the other shore on dry land, then takea longer walk upriver towards the Weser weir, which gives you have a glorious view across Bremen’s lifeline. Definitely don’t miss a special highlight along the Osterdeich in the summer:the annual Breminale. During this time, the wide expanse of green is transformed into a wonderful, colourful, open air culture festival with fantastic live acts..

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Between the River Wümme and wide meadows, among the nature conservation areas “Untere Wümme” and “Kuhgrabensee”, you will find the beautiful Blockland- Bremen’s greenest district, home to more cows than people.The kilometres of embankments are perfect for cycling, skating, or simply for a long walk. No matter how you want to organise your day out, there is plenty to discover in Blockland: On the left and right you will see spacious meadows, a range of traditional farmhouses, cows, half-timbered houses, small farm shops or allotments. The Kaemena farmyard is particularly inviting when it’ s warm outside with its award-winning organic ice-cream. If you want more than a treat, Blockland’s inviting pubs also serve hearty, traditional meals.Tip: Blockland is worth a visit in the winter months, too.Every year, the Bremer Eisverein e.V. floods a large green space known as the Semkenfahrt.

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Find out more about the district

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Blockland Cycling Tour

© WFB / Peter Sämann

Wallanlagen (Ramparts)

Initially built to protect the city from attack, the ramparts now form a green line through the centre of Bremen: The Wallanlagen are not only the oldest green space in the city, they are also an oasis for anyone looking for a break from daily life in the city. No matter what the season, the people of Bremen enjoy the relaxing ambiance of the park, which completely surrounds the inner city from Neustadt to Stephaniviertel. The view of the beautiful Mühle am Wall surrounded by seasonal flowers is particularly popular. With many small hills, the city moat that snakes its way through the park, and an abundant variety of flora, both people and animals feel particularly at home around the ramparts – you may even come across a heron right in Bremen city.

Vegesack Municipal Gardens

In North Bremen, the Vegesack Municipal Gardens houses a real treasure trove of botanical rarities. At the end of the 18th and in the early19th century, the renowned botanist Dr Albrecht Roth called this beautiful corner of the earth his own and populated his property with numerous unusual tree species. Luckily for us, many of these botanical treasures are still there today, much to the enjoymentof walkers searching for relaxation in what is now a public park. You can look forward to numerous ornamental beds, a rose garden, a promenade with ball maple trees, and several beautiful views of the Weser.

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Cool off on hot days and take long walks no matter what the season: no wonder the Werdersee is a popular destination among outdoor enthusiasts. Not far from Bremen city centre,in the popular district of Neustadt, you will find this popular body of water, which is not actually a lake, but a separated tributary of the Weser. Carefree paddling in the swimming area supervised by lifeguards, SUP rental, and several BBQ areas are particularly popular in the summer, making sure the people of Bremen and visitors to the city can relax and have a good time.

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Stadtwerder and Lake Werdersee

Recreation in the city

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