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Summer breeze in Bremen

Blick auf den Martinianleger mit der MS Oceana und Menschen an der abendlichen Weserpromenade Schlachte
Hold your nose in the sun, feel the mild North German breeze, feel the proximity to the water and enjoy the summer in the city - spend the warm season in the city on the Weser and let the Hanseatic 'dolce vita' enchant you.

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Forget everyday life for a moment and treat yourself to a few days full of wonderful memories in wonderful Bremen. The sweet life awaits you here at every corner: let yourself be carried away by the traditional and worth seeing city, stroll in the sunshine on the Weser, spoil yourself and your palate, experience the maritime ambience of the summer Hanseatic city and be surprised by Bremen's versatility.

Summer in the city

What could be better than to drift through an unknown city in summer temperatures, to browse here and there in peace, to discover something new at every corner and to take a break in the sun in between? How good that Bremen - also known as the city of short distances - invites you to take a relaxed stroll through the city. Many of the wonderful sights are only a stone's throw away from each other, everywhere cosy cafés tempt you to take a break, while varied shops invite you to stroll around.

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Die Stadtmusikanten am Abend

Short trip to Bremen 1 night

2day package

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Ein Pärchen steht vor der Bronzestatue der Bremer Stadtmusikanten und lässt sich von einer Frau fotografieren.

Short trip to Bremen 2 nights

3day package

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Refreshing time out by the water

The Weser River runs through Bremen like a lifeline. The river has always shaped the life and the special ambience of the city. Enjoy the maritime atmosphere, for example, on the Weser promenade Schlachte with its many ships and large beer gardens. Or you can relax for a moment on one of the city beaches - also ideal as a destination for a family holiday. Perhaps a tour of Europe's largest urban development project, through the exciting 'Überseestadt' in the old harbour area, would be just the thing for you. Further down the river, we head north, to the Maritime Mile in the Vegesack district, with the training ship 'Schulschiff Deutschland'. And at some point you will land at the North Sea.

Relaxing - green is good

Bremen is one of the greenest cities in the country. You can look forward to numerous parks that invite you to take long walks or to the unique Blockland, a paradise for cyclists. They are generally in good hands here. The bicycle is the most popular vehicle in this city - both in everyday life and for relaxation at the weekend. We have put together a few especially nice tour suggestions for you, which will give you the opportunity to explore Bremen by bike. Everywhere you will find places to stop for a bite to eat - and often the world-famous Bremen beer from the green bottle. By the way, you can get it in particularly proper style on the ship Alexander von Humboldt, the prominent three-master with the green sails.

Enjoy to the full

Good food, fine drinks, long evenings at warm temperatures, convivial hours in the beer garden or refreshing drinks on sunny terraces - culinary delights are a must on a summer city trip! In Bremen you can leave everyday life behind and relax. Crown your sightseeing tour with a tasty craft beer. Caress your tongue with a handmade ice cream or one of many other Bremen sweets. Get to know the long tradition of the coffee city Bremen. Or let the local culinary delights become an experience at various tastings and workshops.

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