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Bremen's Historic Market Square

A Tinyplanet image of the market square shows the heart of Bremen in spherical form
Bremen's market square is not only one of the oldest public squares in the city, but also one of the most beautiful. Surrounded by many buildings worth seeing, you shouldn't miss this gem in the heart of the city!


Bremen's market square is considered one of the most beautiful in Europe. Where once there was lively trade, events such as the Christmas market or the "Kleiner Freimarkt" (small open-air market) invite you to socialise on a total area of 3,484 square metres, while the many adjacent buildings are not only popular photo motifs, but also want to be discovered by you. A particularly interesting eye-catcher is the town hall, which together with Bremen's Roland statue is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. But St. Peter's Cathedral, the Bürgerschaft (State Parliament) and Schütting also have an exciting story to tell.

Overview of the buildings on Bremen's market square

The Hanseatic Cross

You may notice the distinctive paving on Bremen's market square. Here you can see a Hanseatic cross that was originally emblazoned on the flags of the Hanseatic Legion. The Hanseatic Legion was made up of citizens from Bremen, Hamburg and Lübeck and fought together in the wars of liberation from 1813 to 1815. The cross, which is paved in red and measures 4.8 metres in diameter, is a reminder of this legion.

Aerial view shows the red-paved Hanseatic cross in the floor of Bremen's market square
You can see the so-called "Bremer Loch". A manhole cover into which coins can be inserted. The animal sounds of the Bremen Town Musicians can then be heard there.

Hole of Bremen (Bremer Loch)

You hear animal voices on the market square? Barking, crows, cock-a-doodle-do or IA cries can be heard alternately from the so-called Bremer Loch - Hole of Bremen. The reason: a manhole cover next to the Bürgerschaft has been converted into a donation box. If you insert a coin, you will receive the sound of one of the four town musicians as a reward. The coins are donated to the Wilhelm-Kaisen-Bürgerhilfe for its social projects.

Upper hall with former archive and Güldenkammer

Guided tour of the town hall

Discover the UNESCO World Heritage Site from the inside and learn more about the magnificent building

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Bronze model of Bremen's old town

On the east side of the Bremen Parliament you will find a bronze model of Bremen's old town. It offers a nice overview of the city centre. A special feature: visually impaired and blind people can use this replica to feel the architecture around the market square and receive additional information in Braille.

Model of the Bremen old town
Wine barrels in a vault.

The Ratskeller

600 years of tradition, around 650 wines from the 13 German wine-growing regions, Bremen specialities from Knipp to Labskaus and the oldest cask wine in the country - all this awaits you in Bremen's Ratskeller. Dive into the exciting vaults beneath Bremen's town hall.

Discover Numerous other sights from the market square

As you have already learned, many of Bremen's interesting highlights are located directly on the market square itself. In addition, many other sights are only a stone's throw away from here. The famous Town Musicians can be found on the west side of the town hall, the entrance to Böttcherstraße is right next to the Schütting, while the winding Schnoor is also just a few minutes' walk away. Here are some inspirations for your discovery tour from the market square.

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The statue of the Bremen Town Musicians.

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24 Hours in Bremen

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A view of Bremen's market square with the town hall and Roland statue.

Town Hall and Roland Statue

UNESCO-world heritage sites in Bremen


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Guided Tours & Trips

Enjoy an entertaining and informative tour accompanied by a guide.

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Gezeichnete Skyline von Bremens prominentenen Gebäuden