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Maritime Meile in Bremen-Vegesack

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1852 metres of seafaring and shipbuilding history - stroll along the "Maritime Meile" in Bremen's north, in Vegesack.

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In Vegesack, about 25 kilometres from the city centre, is the "Maritime Meile" located. The Weser promenade is lined with maritime monuments, a park, historic ships, inviting places to stop for a bite to eat and a magnificent view of Bremen's lifeline, the Weser.

Quaint pubs at the "Utkiek", old sailors in the historic museum harbour and exciting museums - all this and more awaits you at the Maritime Meile in Vegesack. It is the maritime heart of the district on the Weser and corresponds exactly to the length of a nautical mile: 1852 metres. We briefly introduce you to the most interesting places.

Museum harbour and historic ships

Vegesack harbour has been in operation since 1622, making it the oldest man-made harbour in Germany. It served as an export harbour, a base for whaling and a centre for shipbuilding. In the last quarter of the 18th century, however, the port lost its importance as the Weser downstream from Vegesack became increasingly silted up. Today, more than 20 ships are permanently anchored in the museum harbour, some of which can also be visited. At the north quay of the museum harbour, a bronze group of figures by the artist Thomas Recker watches the goings-on on the Weser through binoculars.

Hafenbecken mit Schiffen

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Urban park Vegesack and signal station

The beautiful terraced urban park Vegesack was originally a botanical garden laid out in the early 19th century by the eminent botanist Dr. Albrecht Roth. Many of the botanical rarities of that time are still preserved today and make the beautifully laid out green space a real experience. During a walk you can enjoy the view of the Weser with its shipyards and shipping traffic in the midst of blossoming nature.

The task of the old signal station, which was originally located at the harbour head, was to indicate the water level (water depth) of the Weser to passing ships. With modern radio communication, it became superfluous and passed into the possession of the association Maritime Tradition Vegesack Nautilus e.V. Since then it has been the centre of maritime festivities on the Weser promenade.


The Low German word "Utkiek" means something like "lookout" or "view". It is located at the southern end of the Alte Hafenstraße and, as the name suggests, offers a wide view up and down the Weser. Today, the Utkiek is home to quaint pubs and restaurants such as the "Havenhaus", the former home of the harbour master. Another sight is the bronze cast of a giant whale's pine tree, which stands erect as an archway at the Utkiek.

Zwei Skulpturen stehen in einem Rosenbeet.

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Overbeck Museum

The Overbeck Museum is hidden in the impressive ambience of an old Vegesack packing house in the Alte Hafenstraße. Along with other works, the museum mainly exhibits pieces by the artist couple Fritz and Hermine Overbeck, who were part of the famous Worpswede artists' colony and dedicated their works to the atmospheric natural views of the Teufelsmoor.

Ein Ausstellungssaal mit Gemälden, Dielenboden und Holzbalken.

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Guided Tour "Maritime Meile"

History, sights, shipyards and fishing history in Vegesack

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At a glance

What to see on the "Maritime Meile"?

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Maritime Festival

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Harbour Festival in Vegesack

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View of the Weser at dusk

Maritime Bremen

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