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Ships on the Weser

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Flowing through the heart of Bremen is the Weser river: an old trading route that was the driving force behind the city's emergence as a proud Hanseatic centre. Bremen's seafaring traditions are still alive and well today and have a big part to play in its unique appeal. Ship ahoy!

Quelle: WFB; Thomas Hellmann

Moored on both banks of the Weser river numerous ships and smaller boats display the seafaring traditions of Bremen. They are part of the unique maritime flair of the city. Enjoy a cruise through the harbour or book a boat trip to Bremerhaven, marvel at world famous sailing vessels, feast on board a maritime restaurant or spend a night in a cozy cabin.

1Alexander von Humboldt

This historical three-masted ship, which gained international recognition through commercials for Beck's beer, was being rebuilt into a floating restaurant and hotel. It anchors permanently at the Schlachte in Bremen. The Alexander von Humboldt served as a sail training ship until it was brought out of service in 2011. Its new owner had refurbished it completely and converted it into a hotel and restaurant business, but kept its distinctive green sails. Now, the barque, which was built in 1906, offers a unique accommodation for forty people, mainly in twin rooms but also in larger family rooms. The Alexander von Humboldt offers a different menu every month with a selection of fresh, regional and seasonal dishes. These also refer to the ship and its voyages. A selection of wines and other drinks are available to complement the food. The ship can accommodate small private parties and larger functions for up to 120 guests.

Das Schiff die Alexander von Humboldt liegt an der Schlachte

Quelle: WFB - LS


The Weserstolz is a historical paddle steamer from 1949 and was refurbished in 1998. At a length of 55,80 metres and a width of 5,10 metres without the paddle-wheels it offers space for 200 passengers or 130 visitors to the restaurant on board. Each sunday at 2pm from May to September the vessel departs on different tours and it may be chartered for parties or events.

Der Schaufelraddampfer Weserstolz an seinem Anleger auf der Weser.

Quelle: bremen.online /JUA

3The tall ship Deutschland

The tall ship Deutschland is berthed beside Bremen's maritime mile in Vegesack in the north of the city. Built in 1927, the ship took many young people on their first training trips at sea. It has been all the more important, therefore, to preserve this last remaining fully-rigged sailing ship as a monument to maritime history. Today, the only fully-rigged sailing ship under a German flag provides accommodation and can be hired for events. Moored on the river Lesum in Bremen-Vegesack, the 86 metre long tall ship houses many original items and provides a flavour of what it would have been like out at sea. Visitors can view the various decks, the ship's hospital and the captain's quarters, and take a look around the on-board museum. Anyone wishing to stay the night can settle down in one of the 30 outer cabins featuring genuine bunks. Or how about a registry office wedding on board? They are only available on the first Saturday of the month and are held in the captain's quarters.

Schulschiff Deutschland in Vegesack

Quelle: bremen.online GmbH/ Foto: Dennis Siegel

4Bremen Theatre Ship

Bremen Theatre Ship is a converted barge berthed along the Schlachte Embankment. A variety of performances are staged in the barge's hold – though with comedies and musical shows featuring the popular German schlager music, the emphasis is very much on having fun. Bremen Theatre Ship also hosts touring shows and the Jazz on Board programme (on Mondays). Food and drink is available in the Bühne 3 bistro.

Ein Schiff an der Weser, in dem ein Theater untergebracht ist.

Quelle: privat - JUA

5Hanseat & Oceana

Two-deck pleasure boats holding up to 700 passengers for cruises and harbour tours. Well suited for larger events. Chartered cruises on request, for scheduled times see: Tours of the river Weser and harbour.

Das Fahrgastschiff Oceana in Fahrt auf der Weser.

Quelle: Hal Över

6Pannekoekschip’ Admiral Nelson

This authentic replica of a frigate, which sailed under the command of Admiral Horatio Nelson, offers peace and relaxation in the heart of the city. You can enjoy the atmosphere and look out over the water on all three decks. Serving over 100 varieties of pancakes, drinks, soups, salads, ice creams and cakes, it caters for everyone. ‘Pannekoekschip’ Admiral Nelson offers children's birthday parties, Christmas parties and catering for groups. The crew, all dressed as pirates, looks forward to your visit!

Blick auf das Pannekoekschip

Quelle: Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen GmbH / Scholz


The Nedeva was built in 1930 by the New York Yacht Launch & Engine Company. The rich mahogany of the main deck, the panelling in the saloon and the exquisite opulence of the cabins and bathrooms bring to life the luxury of the belle époque of yachting.

Eine Yacht liegt vor Anker an der Weser

Quelle: bremen.online GmbH/ Foto: mdr

8MS Friedrich

This ship on the Schlachte Embankment draws a lot of attention thanks to its unusual looks. The MS Friedrich spent many years touring the Weser and the docks before being taken out of service. These days the MS Friedrich association ensures the ship is well maintained. During Maritime Festival Week and other events the MS Friedrich still sails across the Weser. Members of the association can charter the ship for trips and family occasions. The association is open to new members, so why not come aboard?

Die MS Friedrich an ihrem Anleger an der Schlachte.

Quelle: bremen.online /JUA

9Treue Restaurant and Events Ship

Built entirely of concrete at a time when steel was scarce, the MS Treue spent most of its days as a transport vessel. Nowadays it is no longer able to propel itself and therefore needs to be towed. For some time now it has been permanently berthed at the beginning of the Schlachte Embankment. Club nights and concerts are regularly held here and in the summer MS Treue is one of the many venues of the Breminale festival.

Ein Blick vom Weserufer auf die Weser. Vorne rechts im Bild liegt das grüne Schiff MS Treue, auf dem regelmäßig Veranstaltungen und Partys stattfinden.

Quelle: WFB - LS

10MS Senator

For 25 years the MS Senator served Bremen's senate as a motor launch for ceremonial occasions. Up until 2004, over 100,000 guests had stepped aboard and enjoyed the views of Bremen from the water. Guests of the senate and trade delegates were able to explore the ports of Bremen and Bremerhaven while enjoying some typical local fare. Once the boat was decommissioned, a local association took responsibility for maintaining it. These days the MS Senator can be chartered for family and corporate events and has room for 37 people.

Die MS Senator an ihrem Anleger an der Schlachte

Quelle: privat / JUA

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