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Trips and tours on ships and boats

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Enjoy a maritime day on the Weser river and book round trips, barbecue cruises or breakfast tours in Bremen.

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Cruise along the Schlachte Embankment to Bremen’s docks or book a fancy breakfast trip, marvel at the beautiful landscape of Worpswede on a relaxing tour via Vegesack or discover the Bürgerpark aboard the 'Marie'. The possibilities to get a grasp of the maritime heritage of Bremen are numerous.

1Weser sailing barge Franzius

The Weser sailing barge Franzius is a replica of a historical Weser trading ship. It can be chartered for private functions and corporate events (max. 30 people). It can be found either at Europahafen or at the museum harbour in Vegesack.

Mehrere Schiffe in einem Hafen.

Quelle: Bremen.online / LLI

2Weser cruises to Bremen-Vegesack

Discover the north of Bremen on the Weser and Lesum rivers. The Weser cruise is a return trip from St. Martin's quay to Vegesack via Europahafen, Lankenau, Pier 2/Waterfront, Feuerwache and Mittelsbüren. The fascinating historical Lesum cruise takes you via Vegesack onto the river Lesum, where you'll find out about the summer residences of Bremen's old mercantile families, Baron Knoop and Countess Emma.

Ein Fluss mit Pflanzen und Bäumen um ihn herum, blauer Himmel mit leichten Wolken, der sich im Wasser spiegelt.

Quelle: Bremen.online / LLI

3Weser cruises to Bremen's surroundings

Use the scheduled service between Bremen and Bremerhaven calling at Pier 2 (Waterfront), Mittelsbüren, Vegesack, Blumenthal, Farge, Brake and Nordenham and get to know Bremen and Bremerhaven from the water. Between these two sister cities there are numerous landing stages along the banks of the Weser, so you can see the scenery from the land and from the water. Bremerhaven offers a host of visitor attractions. The popular cruise to Badener Berge takes you through Hemelingen lock into the charming Middle Weser scenery. The town of Oldenburg between the Weser and Ems rivers is ideal for a gentle meander, since it offers one of the oldest, loveliest and largest pedestrian areas west of Bremen. Cruise up the river Weser through Hemelingen lock to Verden, then on the Middle Weser and the Aller to Verden, stopping for approx. 2 hours.

Blick auf die Weser

Quelle: WFB / Jens Lehmkühler

4Weser cruises to Vegesack-Worpswede

Take things easy! This cruise from Bremen to Worpswede via Vegesack promises total relaxation. After two and three quarter hours of leisurely cruising, from Vegesack past Knoops Park and across the Hamme marshes conservation area, you'll arrive at the Worpswede artists' colony.

Ein Schiff auf der Weser unterhalb einer Brücke

Quelle: Hal över Betriebsgesellschaft mbH

5Sightseeing boat Marie

The round trip on the park's waterways takes you past the impressive topiary walkway and under many of the historical bridges. Marie's design was based on original drawings from 1913. But it is no mere copy of the old ships; instead the design takes its cues from the original and adds many improvements. The boat is mainly constructed of larch and has been exquisitely finished with a polished exterior made of mahogany. The round trip starts and ends at Meiereisee lake which is also where the boat house can be found. Stopping four times, the trip passes Emmasee lake and the animal enclosure and takes in the Waldschlösschen before returning to Meierei lake. You can get on and off the boat at each stop. A ticket is valid for one trip. After leaving the boat, a new ticket is required to return on board. The Marie has capacity for 30 people and can be hired for private tours.

Schifffahrt mit der Marie im Bürgerpark Bremen

Quelle: WFB/Torsten Krüger

6Bremen peat barges

Sailors young and old will enjoy watching the land drift by on a relaxing trip on a peat barge. These faithful reproductions of the old oak boats used to transport peat take passengers on a tour of the wonderful moorland, where they learn fascinating facts about life on the peat barges and about the colonisation of this unique environment. In addition to the regular trips, it is also possible to book combination tours and themed trips.

Torfkähne liegen im Torfhafen in Findorff.

Quelle: WFB / Thomas Hellmann

7Flotte Weser

The Flotte Weser riverboats offer a variety of different ways to discover the many attractions and places of natural beauty in the region along the Weser river. Whether it's a traditional sightseeing tour, a themed evening or a barbecue on board, there's something to suit all tastes. Thanks to Flotte Weser, it's even possible to enjoy a leisurely Sunday brunch on the Weser river. Departs from St. Martin's quay.

Schiff der Flotte Weser

Quelle: Flotte Weser

8Weser river and port tours

Enjoy a boat trip along the Schlachte Embankment to Bremen's docks, and find out lots of interesting facts about Bremen, the docks, ships and trade along the way. Embark on a tour of discovery around Bremen's docks and enjoy a rare opportunity to glimpse behind the scenes as the cargo is loaded and unloaded. On board, you will find out all about the history of the docks, how things are done today and what the future holds for Germany's most southerly sea port.

Blick auf das Pier 2 in der Überseestadt im Abendlicht

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