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Haus der Bürgerschaft - Bremen's State Parliament

Building of the Bremer Bürgerschaft

© WFB / Carina Tank

On 9 September 1966, the House of Parliament was inaugurated as the seat of the Bremen Parliament.

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Bremische Bürgerschaft

Here you'll find the parliament's website

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In the Haus der Bürgerschaft (House of the citizens) on the Marktplatz - right in the centre of Bremen - members of parliament debate and wrestle for majorities. They make or amend motions. They pass or amend laws. The parliament legislates on the budget and controls the government. It acts through the speakers of the various parliamentary groups and with the members of the Senate in public session, in front of mostly packed stands and under the eyes and ears of journalists.

Nächtliche Aufnahme eines Platzes, der von mehreren Gebäuden umgeben ist.

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Sculpture Garden

The Bürgerschaft includes the Sculpture Garden with six pieces by Gerhard Marcks. It was opened in 2005. The sculpture garden can be visited during the opening hours of the citizenship.

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Opening Hours

Monday till Thursday
8-19 h

8-18 h

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