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The man with the big round nose

Eine Loriot-Figur sitzt auf einer Bank vor grün bewachsenen Bäumen
A life-size figure on Loriotplatz honours famous German comedian Vicco von Bülow.

Quelle: bremen.online / SIS

The german comedian Victor von Bülow, also know as Loriot, enthused Germany with his draft, stories and movies until his death in 2011.

In addition to the bronze sofa with the pug dog in front of the Radio Bremen building, there is a second tribute to Vicco von Bülow, aka 'Loriot', in Bremen – on Loriotplatz square, near Wallanlagen Park.
Weighing in at 200 kilogrammes, the figure famous for his big round nose sits on a bench, his head resting on one hand, legs crossed and dressed in pinstripe trousers. Take a seat next to this gentleman, who appears in many of Loriot's publications, and join Bremen in remembering the comedian who completed much of his work in this city.

Figur zeigt Knollennasenmännchen nach Loriot.

Quelle: bremen.online / JUA