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Coffee culture in Bremen

Zahlreiche Becher und Tassen mit unterschiedlichen Kaffeespezialitäten aus der Vogelperspektive
Get to know great cafés in Bremen, discover roasting houses, take guided tours and learn interesting facts about Bremen's coffee history.

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Every third cup of coffee drunk in Germany comes from Bremen and almost every second foreign bean is imported via the Hanseatic city. Maintaining the coffee culture of Bremen contributes to the city's long coffee history on a daily basis. In Bremen, there is even a word of its own for enjoying coffee: “kaffeesieren”. Enjoy the brown bean with us!

Geröstete Kaffeebohnen, im Hintergrund Kaffeesäcke

Freshly roasted

Check out the coffee roasteries in Bremen.

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Ein Stück Kuchen und eine Tasse Kaffee auf einem Holzbrettchen


Enjoy coffee and cake the Bremen way.

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Kaffee wird in Säcken verladen und an einen Haken gehängt

The history of coffee in Bremen

Bremen, the coffee capital.

Quelle: Staatsarchiv Bremen

Become a coffee professional - barista courses, seminars and more

Eine Tasse Cappuccino.

Best coffee beans

Check out Bremen's coffee shops.

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Vier Kaffeespezialitäten in Gläsern nebeneinander


Check out instagrammable coffee hotspots in Bremen.

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Cup2Date & RECUP – a sustainable alternative for coffee to go

Cup2Date is a reusable cup system with a deposit that four students of Bremen founded to reduce the amount of waste generated by the coffee-to-go trend. In 2020 the company became part of RECUP as both businesses follow the same vision. How does it work? It's simple. Buy your coffee at one of the participating retailers, deposit one euro and return the empty cup later to one of the participating addresses. Here you can get your RECUP coffee.


Fair trade means cooperation at eye level: transparency, mutual respect and dialogue. In this way small sized overseas producers can position themselves in global trade and build long-term trade relationships. We are showing you where to buy fair trade coffee in Bremen.

Eine Kaffeearbeiterin erntet.

Quelle: Contigo Fairtrade GmbH Göttingen

Suspended Coffee

The concept: pay for two coffees and drink only one - those who can afford it order and pay for an additional coffee or meal in advance meant for someone else who cannot afford it. There are also some participating cafés in Bremen:

  • Café Lisboa
    Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 121, 28199 Bremen
    Buntentorsteinweg 29, 28201 Bremen
  • Radieschen
    Buntentorsteinweg 65, 28201 Bremen

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Vier Teegläser sind mit unterschiedlichen Teesorten gefüllt vor einem weißen Hintergrund.

Tea from Bremen

Try various blends of tea from Bremen.

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Bild von einem Mann mit Laptop in einem Café

Cafés with Wi-Fi

Cafés where you can surf for free while you sip your coffee

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