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Winter love - cosy days in the cold season

A woman takes a picture of the snow-covered Town Musicians.
Enjoy a hot drink in the cold winter sun, cuddle up to your loved ones, experience the magic of sparkling lights - let the winter in Bremen warm your heart.

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Enjoy the unique atmosphere of the Advent season, surprise your favourite people with a winterly short trip for Christmas or Valentine's Day, immerse yourself in the special atmosphere of New Year's Eve or start the New Year successfully with a varied journey - in winter many wonderful opportunities can be combined with a break in Bremen. Sweeten the cold season with magical moments, fine culinary delights, time for relaxation, cosiness and many cultural pleasures.

The days are getting shorter, the temperatures are dropping and the wonderful magic of the christmas season or the tingling in your stomach around Valentine's Day enchant your everyday life. Winter gives us many reasons to get closer and take the time to spend unforgettable moments together with our loved ones. Why not in Bremen? Treat yourself and your better half to a special kind of date, enjoy a romantic dinner or make wonderful memories together with new experiences.

"Kohlfahrt" euphoria

No matter how frosty the weather may be - if our body releases enough happiness hormones, all grey is blown away. How good that the people of Bremen have found just the right medicine for this purpose. Let yourself be infected by the local "kale euphoria" and experience real Bremen tradition! After the first frost, "Kohl and Pinkel" are served, preferably after an extended walk, called a kale tour or kale trip. In addition to the anticipation of the delicious meal, all kinds of fun games, a lot of sociability and often high-proof droplets provide the warming endorphins.

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Curly kale tours

With the first frost the time of the curly kale tours begins!

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Knipp in the Bremen Ratskeller

Bremen Specialties

Discover Bremen's traditional hearty fare in restaurants and on guided tours.

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Enjoyment on cold days

Grey, cold days are the perfect opportunity for you to treat yourself to a little comfort. Warm yourself from the inside while staying in our cosy hanseatic city: Coffee and tea have a living tradition in this country, while sweet treats produced in Bremen will caress your palate. High-quality distillates manufactured directly on the Weser River will melt your heart as much as the delicious foundation of Bremen's town hall - the Bremer Ratskeller.

Night-time shot of the market square with Schütting, merchants' houses, Liebfrauenkirche (Church), town hall, cathedral and part of the Bürgerschaft (state parliament).

1, 2 or 3 nights for two in Bremen

Short trip to the charming Hanseatic city

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Cultural fireworks

Speaking of enjoyment: If the numerous hanseatic delicacies have not yet blown away the cold thoughts, let yourself be heated up by breath-taking shows, top performances, exciting exhibitions or productions worth seeing. Immerse yourself in other worlds, be enchanted and take home new impressions, exciting insights and beautiful memories.

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Be inspired by the world of variety theatre

"Curtain up" for your entertaining city trip

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Magical Christmas time

When the city begins to shine with thousands of sparkling lights, the smell of mulled wine and Christmas cakes fills the air above the market square and the Weser Promenade Schlachte is bathed in mystical blue, the magic of Advent has spread to Bremen. Experience one of the most beautiful times of the year in the home town of the Bremen Town Musicians.

Sparkling into the new year

Millions of sparks, amazed faces and the odd popping cork - don't miss the special magic of New Year's Eve in Bremen. Combine the enchanting and also a little bit expectant mood of the turn of the year with a city trip to the Weser metropolis and start the new year with new impressions and great moments.

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Bremen on New Year's Eve

Discover the Weser city at the turn of the year

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