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Spring colours - gain new energy in the beautiful Weser city

Thousands of red tulips in front of the mill on the Wall
Finally spring is here! Take the opportunity for a city trip to Bremen, which is colorful in many ways. Enjoy the many different facets of the Hanseatic city and all the wonderful colors and vitality of spring.

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As the New Year leaves the first cold months behind, Bremen is gradually stripping away the gray of winter and putting on some colour - at first a little green here and there, then a few colorful splashes of color until the city decides to have a real blast in May at the latest. Let the Hanseatic spring sun caress your soul, recharge your batteries in the fresh North German air and enjoy the numerous possibilities of the pulsating metropolis on the river.

Refreshing green - discover Bremen by bike

Finally sun again, finally longer days, finally back to nature! Let yourself be carried away by the energy of spring and explore Bremen with your favourite means of transportation in this country - by bike! Our route suggestions will inspire you to go on tours under your own direction, while you will learn interesting facts from Bremen professionals during bike tours. Or you can simply let yourself drift on a bike through the city of short distances.

Two young women and two young men push their bikes side by side through the autumnal Schnoor quarter

From Bremen into the wide country

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Blossoming colours - enjoy spring in the city

All over Bremen, the messengers of spring set colourful accents. Look forward to millions of crocuses, countless lush rhododendron blossoms and blooming azaleas as far as the eye can see. The fresh green of the season invites you to stroll through parks worth seeing and enjoy colorful splashes of daffodils, tulips or cherry blossoms. And even if the weather doesn't play along, Bremen has a blooming oasis in store for you.

Bremen Market Square

Get to know Bremen

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Warming golden light - Pure enjoyment in the sun

No matter how fresh the North German temperatures may still be - when the sun appears, the people of Bremen* are drawn outside. They prefer to combine their time outdoors with numerous pleasures. Taste the Bremen way of life and take advantage of one of the wonderful opportunities to charge your vitamin D reserves with pleasure. Whether in a café or in a beer garden - it's time to soak up the sun! Read more!

Blick auf die Waldbühne im Bürgerpark

Quelle: WFB; Katharina Müller

Fresh blue - days by the water

With the first warming rays of spring sunshine, it's time to let a fresh breeze blow around your nose - and there's hardly any place where it blows more beautifully than in the far north by the water. So use the time from March to June to take a deep breath in Bremen and the surrounding area. You can let yourself drift on the Weser, while the maritime city of Bremerhaven and the nearby North Sea are only a stone's throw away. So why not combine a city trip with a day at the sea?

Historical splendour - On the trail of city's history

Numerous sights tell you the exciting history of the Hanseatic city. One of the highlights is our town hall, which together with the Bremen Roland is a UNESCO world heritage site. But there are also several other highlights that invite you to discover the city in springtime. You can either go on guided tours or explore the must-see attractions on your own.

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The marketplace by night.

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Two young women and two young men push their bikes side by side through the autumnal Schnoor quarter

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