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Autumn lights - enjoy the golden season in Bremen

Two young women and two young men push their bikes side by side through the autumnal Schnoor quarter
Bremen is always worth a visit - even in autumn. Sometimes the Hanseatic city shines in the warm light of the low sun, while foggier days invite you to enjoy cosiness, cuisine and culture. Let yourself be inspired!

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Every year in autumn, the days get shorter and shorter, giving Bremen a very special charm: in the light of autumn, the city's famous sights shine in a golden light, colourful treetops motivate you to go for a walk in the rustling autumn leaves, while cute cafés invite you to stop for a bite to eat or Bremen's night watchmen tells you exciting stories of times long past.

Market square

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Schlachte Embankment

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Discover Bremen's sights in autumn

The legendary Town Musicians are probably Bremen's best-known landmark - and what better match the fairytale figures than the ambience of autumnally enchanted days? The perfect atmosphere to walk in the footsteps of the city's history. Our well worth seeing town hall, which together with the Bremen Roland is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is not to be missed. And you should not miss the famous Schnoor and the architecturally unique Böttcherstraße. We will tell you how you can best get to know the famous animals and the many other highlights of the city worth seeing at this time of year.

Time to enjoy

So-called Kaffeesieren is part of the Bremen way of life - who else has their own term for cosy get-togethers with coffee and cake? Bremen has a correspondingly wide range of cosy cafés with a varied selection of delicious hot drinks and delicious baked goods. Although coffee is served all year round in the city on the Weser, it is particularly nice in autumn. After all, a fragrant coffee and a homemade cake in cooler temperatures will warm the heart especially. But it is not only the coffee culture that is distinctive in Bremen. Culinary enjoyment is generally written in capital letters. Numerous manufactories have dedicated themselves to the production of home-made delicacies, while regional specialities have often been eaten in Bremen for generations. Above all, you should not miss the Bremen Ratskeller, where everything revolves around the results of autumnal grape harvests. In the exciting vaults you will find both the world's largest assortment of exclusively German wines and the oldest cask wine in the country.

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Jacobs coffee academy

Seminars and guided tours

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Lloyd Caffee Bremen

Lloyd Caffee

Seminars, guided tours and marble hall

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Free Brewing Union

Beer seminars and brewing demonstrations

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Bremer Braumanufaktur

Bremer Braumanufaktur

Visits and tasting

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Fancy some culture?

Even though there is no bad weather in Bremen, but at most the wrong clothes, many people want to escape the rainy autumn days. A visit to one of Bremen's many museums and exhibition centres is a good idea. From sophisticated art in the Kunsthalle Bremen to exciting exhibits in the Universum, there is something for everyone. A visit to the Bremen Geschichtenhaus on a cosy autumn day could be particularly enjoyable - here you can listen to the stories of Bremen originals. And in the lush greenhouses of the botanika you will forget all the autumnal temperatures.

Relax under colourful treetops

Nowhere is autumn more beautiful than in nature. How good it is that Bremen is one of the greenest cities in Germany. On a total area of 2,362 hectares, numerous parks, gardens, green spaces and green corridors run through the city. In the golden season, all this greenery turns into the most colourful colours and offers a wonderful backdrop for long walks or, of course, cycling tours. After all, in the city of short distances, the bicycle is the perfect means of transport and part of the attitude of the city. Whether guided or on your own - with our route suggestions you can 'experience' Bremen on two wheels.

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