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Extended opening hours: Sunday opening

Pärchen mit Einkaufstüten in der Obernstraße (Quelle: CityInitiative Bremen Werbung e.V. )
Don't miss out on unique shopping opportunities when visiting Bremen.

Quelle: CityInitiative Bremen Werbung e.V.

Bremen is a great place to shop – there is something to suit every taste and budget. The shops in the Schnoor quarter draw in the crowds seven days a week, even on Sundays when most other shops in Germany are closed. Many other shops also open their doors on Sundays to coincide with special events or local festivals.

Sunday opening at a glance (1pm to 6pm)

  • Jun 12, 2022​​​​​​

As part of La Strada, stores are opening in the city center.

Dates of the remaining Sunday openings are expected to be announced soon. Changes and additions are reserved.

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