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Schlachte-Zauber - Christmas Market on the Weser River

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In winter, the Weser promenade is transformed into a sea of light and festive sounds: The magical Schlachte-Zauber invites you to a special kind of Christmas market!

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The Schlachte-Zauber on the Weser Promenade is a hearty affair: the smell of wood, roast meat and spices is in the air. At the medieval wooden stalls you can taste mead or fruit wine and watch the craftsmen at work.

Where & When

November 25th to December 23rd, 2024

On the Weser Promenade, Schlachte

Opening hours:
Mon. to Thu. 11 a.m. - 8:30 p.m.
Fri. and Sat. 11 a.m. - 9 p.m.
Sun. 11 - 20:30 h

Bremen Schlachte Magic


Official website

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Magical Christmas time on Bremen's lifeline

Every year in Advent, the Weser Promenade invites you to a wintry and maritime market: the Schlachte Magic. As soon as the sun sets, the Schlachte Embankment is bathed in blue light at this very special time of year and takes on an almost magical atmosphere. In the rustic ambience you walk in the footsteps of times gone by. Many, many small wooden huts await you with their tempting delicacies. Artisans offer their wares at various stalls and often even give you a glimpse of their work. Immerse yourself in the wonderful atmosphere of the Schlachte-Zauber, let yourself go and take a break from everyday life!

Im Vordergrund sieht man einen alten Wagen auf dem Schlachte Zauber, an dem Mistelzweige hängen. Im Hintergrund laufen Menschen über die Schlachte, welche winterlich geschmückt und beleuchtet ist.

© WFB / Carina Tank

Colourful programme, delicacies and more at the Schlachte-Zauber

The Christmas-decorated sales huts and festively lit ships will whet your appetite for a hot waffle, a strong mocha or a warming mead. All this and much more is available in the historic pirate village in the style of the Hanseatic League, one of the highlights of the Schlachte-Zauber. Open-air performances, small games and music provide the perfect accompaniment to the many delicacies and opportunities to browse for gifts. Minstrels, musicians and jugglers are on the road every day.

A little further along the Weser, lovingly decorated winter huts will warm your heart. In the far north, you'll feel transported to the exuberant atmosphere of alpine huts and enjoy the atmosphere with mulled wine, eggnog and music. Many people in Bremen ring in the end of their working day here at every opportunity during Advent, while the Schlachte-Zauber, together with Bremen's Christmas market, is naturally a popular destination for many tourists, not only at weekends.

From mid-November onwards, the work is done diligently to present visitors with a unique event. The Schlachte-Zauber begins every year around the first weekend of Advent and runs until 23 December.

Bremer Schlachte-Zauber an der Weser

© WFB/Jonas Ginter

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