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Bürolofts und Wohnungen in der Überseestadt am Europahafen
In Bremen, modern urban living meets the maritime traditions

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In Bremen, modern urban living meets the maritime traditions of yesteryear

If you visit Bremen, you can’t miss the city’s mascots - they’re everywhere! - the Bremen Town Musicians. But the good things awaiting you in this town don’t stop with the donkey, the dog, the cat, and the rooster. The beautiful city centre, with its centuries-long history as an important centrum of trade, stands ready to be admired. And a rich cultural landscape, with numerous museums, theatres, and concert venues, is waiting to be explored. Not to mention the different neighbourhoods, such as the Überseestadt, which in the last few years has evolved from an industrial harbour into a modern, urban neighbourhood with cutting-edge architecture - a testament to how the city continues to change and transform.

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Historical Bremen

Bremen’s rich history of trade can be read in its buildings: patrician houses and the "Schütting", Bremen’s tradition-steeped chamber of commerce, surround the town hall and the statue of Roland – impressive symbols of the Hanseatic republican ethos.

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Bremen Bürgerschaft (Parliament of Bremen)

Traditionally, in city-states such as Bremen and Hamburg, the elected governmental body is called the "Bürgerschaft" (which translates to "citizenry").In the Bremen state parliament, 83 members represent the citizens of Bremen and Bremerhaven.

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Ports in Bremen and Bremerhaven

The ports of Bremen and Bremerhaven together form the second largest universal port in Germany and the 25th largest in the world. As one of the busiest container and automobile trading ports in Europe, Bremerhaven has grown to become the heart of this industry inside the state of Bremen. The port of Bremen specialises in shipping conventional general cargo and bulk goods.

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The Überseestadt

Since 1998, there’s a modern urban neighbourhood where an industrial harbour once stood, where the historical maritime environment is reflected in the avant-garde architecture. This lively area within the neighbourhood of Walle, sets itself apart with its various selection of bars, restaurants, leisure, and cultural activities on offer.

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Life at the river

The Weser river flows through Bremen over a length of 60 kilometres. The denizens of Bremen treasure the green space found alongside its shores. When the weather’s good, it seems like the entire population of the city heads down to the river to bike and walk along the lanes and paths on its banks, and to relax and picnic on the green grass of the Osterdeich.

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Bike City

Bremen is the most popular city for biking in Germany – 60 percent of its residents use their bicycles several times a week. Europe wide, Bremen takes third place for cities that bike.

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Recreation in green spaces

Whether on foot or by bike – in Bremen you can enjoy nature in the middle of the city! In a nationwide comparison to other major cities, Bremen - with its 2,800 hectares of urban green space - is the second greenest city in Germany. Numerous parks and recreational areas inspire you to spend your time outdoors in the fresh air.

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Lively neighbourhoods

Bremen combines the excitement of living in a big city with the peace and quiet of a smaller one. In the neighbourhood Östliche Vorstadt, nicknamed the "Viertel" (the Quarter) by locals, the winding, narrow streets are lined with Altbremer (old Bremen) townhouses. This quarter, with its charming, historic urban landscape, is only a stone’s throw away from the Osterdeich – the eastern river bank – and the city centre.

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On the go with bus, tram, and bike

Traveling the eco-friendly way – that’s what Bremen’s all about. The entire city is covered with well-built, well considered, and well maintained bike lanes. And if you can’t or don’t want to bike, there’s an extensively developed public transportation network. You’ll get everywhere you need to go in Bremen, comfortably and quickly, with a bus or a tram. Additionally, you can join one of several car-sharing companies – another way to "go green".

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Exhibits & Museums

In Bremen, there are numerous museums where you can find interesting special exhibitions as well as distinguished permanent collections. Not to be missed is the Kunsthalle, located on the Wallanlagen between the Bremer Viertel and the city centre.

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