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Junge Frau schiebt ihr Fahrrad im Schnoor und guckt nach oben.
Discover the historic Hanseatic city on your bike: we have all the tips and offers you need.

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Bremen is a compact city where the bicycle is more than just a means of transport: it's a way of life. What's more, our Hanseatic city is linked to a number of long-distance cycle routes, making it a perfect destination for your next cycling holiday. Let us inspire you!

Is it really possible to discover an entire Federal State by bike?

In Bremen you can do just that! A bicycle is the perfect way of getting to know the "two-town state". The City Centre circuit in Bremen and the Bremerhaven circuit bring you to the main tourist attractions in the two sister-towns. A 91-kilometre section of the Weser Cycle Way links them together. If the journey from Bremen to Bremerhaven or vice versa is too far for you, you can also travel from A to B by ship or train, and take your bike with you.

Tips and offers

We've gathered together the most important tips and some exciting offers to help you get the most out of your cycling holiday in Bremen. You'll also find information and special offers in our Bike information package (Stadt-Land-Rad). Order one today and start planning your cycling adventure in and around Bremen.

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Menschen sitzen auf den steinernen Stufen an der Schlachte in der Sonne, Radfahrer fahren vorbei.

The best hotels for your cycling holiday

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Junge Menschen fahren an der Weser Fahrrad

BIKE IT! - Cycling in Bremen

Discover Bremen by bike!

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Long-distance cycle routes from and through Bremen

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Ein Mann und eine Frau fahren Rad an der Weser; Foto: WFB Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen GmbH / Ingo Wagner

Bike tours & packages

Guided cycle tours

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Am Lenkrad befestigtes Handy zeigt die Bike Citizens App

Bike Citizens App

The easy and convenient way to follow exciting bike tours.

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Ein Pärchen macht ein Selfie vor den Bremer Stadtmusikanten.

Planning and booking your trip

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Wassersport auf der Weser

Water sports in Bremen

Active on and in the water

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Luftaufnahme von Bremen zeigt die Gegend um Weser-Stadion und Weser

48 Hours in Bremen

For two whole days, Bremen is your playground!

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