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Maritime Bremen

Ausblick auf die Weser in der Abenddämmerung
Discover Bremen, the city on the river, from the water!

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Flowing through the heart of Bremen is the Weser river: an old trading route that was the driving force behind the city's emergence as a proud Hanseatic centre. Bremen's seafaring traditions are still alive and well today and have a big part to play in its unique appeal.

St. Martin's quay is where the river tours depart: every day in summer, boats take passengers up and down the Weser on short trips or long cruises. There are tours of the Weser river and the harbour, breakfast or candlelit dinner cruises, tours themed on Bremen's delicious kale and pinkel dish and Weser riverboat parties.

But you can also enjoy life on board on the Weser and other rivers, in the Überseestadt district and along the Maritime Mile in Vegesack.

Ships and Ferries

Ships on the Weser

Enjoy a cruise through the harbour or book a boat trip to Bremerhaven, marvel at world famous sailing vessels, or feast on board a maritime restaurant.

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Ferries connect the banks of the Weser river: Pedestrians and cyclists may cross the stream that flows through the heart of Bremen by boat.

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Schiff vor dem Anleger an der Schlachte (Quelle: Wustmann/bremen.online GmbH)

Schlachte Embankment

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Experience the town history and the history of the harbour

Der Park des Focke-Museums


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Fassade eines Museums

Übersee Museum

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Hafenmuseum Speicher XI bei Nacht


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Nächtlicher Blick auf das Gerhard-Marcks-Haus

Museums and Science

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Die Überseestadt Bremen

Picturesque harbours and Marinas to stay in Bremen

Well worth visiting: Old Weser harbours throughout Bremen that connect seafaring traditions and modern use as a marina.

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Maritime Guided Tours

Enjoy a maritime day on the Weser river and book round trips, barbecue cruises or breakfast tours in Bremen.

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Spend memorable nights on board the hotel ships and enjoy individual accomodation.

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