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Hole of Bremen

Das Bremer Loch ist ein Gullideckel mit einem Einwurfschlitz für Geldmünzen. Nach einigen Einwürfen ertönen die Geräusche der Stadtmusikanten.
The underground collection box on the market square, right in front of the State Parliament.

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A rather unusual underground collection box can be found on the market square in Bremen. When a coin is added, you hear one of the Bremen Town Musicians thanking you. The money goes to the Wilhelm Kaisen charity.

Make the Town Musicians sing!

The sounds of a crowing cock, a cat's miaow, a barking dog and the loud hee-haw of a donkey can be heard to emanate from the pavement right in front of the State Parliament.

This "song" of the Bremen Town Musicians is the reward for anyone who throws a coin into the hole, which contains a rather unusual donation box. The money goes to the Wilhelm Kaisen charity, which uses it to support a range of projects for local people.

So what are you waiting for, get some change and make the Town Musicians sing!

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