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Heini Holtenbeen

One of Bremen's most eccentric characters: Heini Holtenbeen.

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Strictly speaking, Heini Holtenbeen is not actually fictional. But this local character certainly became a legend in his own lifetime.The statue of one of Bremen's most eccentric characters in the peaceful Schnoor quarter.

The story of Heini Holtenbeen

He was born in Bremen in 1835 as Jürgen Heinrich Keberle. During his apprenticeship as a port tobacco inspector, he fell through a skylight. His accident left him with slight brain damage and a stiff leg. From then on, he could be found in the market square every day, where he would take cigars from the merchants as they entered the stock exchange, where smoking was not permitted. He then made his own cigars from the stubs he had collected, which he sold. When times were very hard, he would also ask people for a "loan" now and again. Heini Holtenbeen died in 1909 in a poor asylum.

Bronze sculpture and anecdotes

Today, a bronze sculpture by Claus Homfeld commemorates this Bremen character. Just around the corner from the statue, at the House of History in the Schnoor quarter, you can hear Heini Holtenbeen's anecdotes told by the man himself.

Statue zeigt Heini Holtenbeen mit Hut und Stock
Ein Gruppenbild der Darsteller vom Geschichtenhaus in ihren historischen Kostümen

Bremer Geschichtenhaus

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