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Legends and monuments in Bremen

Bremen is a city of fables and fairytales, best known for the famous Bremen Town Musicians. But they aren't the only legendary locals.

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We have put together a selection of Bremen legends for you. Besides the famous Bremen Town Musicians, there's also the seven lazy brothers, the original Heini Holtenbeen and the infamous poisoner Gesche Gottfried, who still leads people to spit on an inconspicuous stone by the cathedral to this day.

Discover the history in one of Bremens Museums

Haus Riensberg

Bremen's memory

For over 100 years, the Focke Museum has collected and preserved unique objects from Bremen’s history.

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Zwei Darsteller stehen in ihren Kostümen vor dem Geschichtenhaus im Schnoor.


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Ein Frau blickt auf die Auslage in einem Schaufenster.

Souvenir Shopping

Would you like to take a piece of Bremen home with you? Or surprise your loved-ones with a little something from the Hanse city? Here are some tips for where you can find souvenirs that typify Bremen.

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Außenansicht des Wilhelm Wagenfeld Hauses bei Nacht

Museums in Bremen

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Drei Generationen machen einen Ausflug mit dem Rad; Quelle: fotolia / ARochau

Tips for Families in Bremen

Bremen has lots of activities for kids on offer. Check some of these out.

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