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ArtPeeks – ART'N'WALK through the City

Touching the feet of the town musicians donkey is supposed to bring luck.
Take a walk around and discover Bremen's art in public spaces

© WFB/ Jonas Ginter

This Largely barrier free and free of charge tour takes you away from the usual well-trodden pathways to reveal modern artworks and helps you get to know Bremen's multi-faceted city landscape. You'll find a bit of history, enjoy a breath of fresh air from the Weser, discover idyllic green spaces, see a number of boutique galleries, and of course get to know Bremen's famous museums of art.

You will find art in public spaces all over Bremen! It was the first city in Germany to create a state-wide arts programme that involved its inhabitants in selecting the artworks, creating the basis for getting up close and personal with modern art that continues today. There are now around 670 works to been seen in our public spaces.

The ArtPeeks route is just over six kilometres long, and in the two hours or so it'll take you to complete, you'll visit some of the exciting artworks that adorn Bremen's city centre. Discover fascinating works of art on your tour of the Hanseatic city: they're sure to astound, amaze and provoke discussion!

Part 1 of the walk: From the Town Musicians to the Wallanlagen

Most people are probably familiar with the starting point of the tour, the Bremen Town Musicians! However, the route also takes visitors to works of art that are rather more hidden away, in the Wallanlagen and around the Kunsthalle (Bremen's art museum). The tour guides you through the green corridor around the city, in the direction of the River Weser.

Part 2 of the walk: From the city centre to the Teerhof (tarring yard)

The tour continues through the historic Schnoor district and then guides you across the River Weser to the Teerhof (former tarring yard). This island in the Weser isn't just an exclusive residential neighbourhood, it's also home to a multitude of artworks. The tour concludes after a visit to the historic Böttcherstraße by returning to Bremen's market square.

You'll find the route to the attractions here

You can also download the entire tour from our Komoot account! Komoot websites provide information for tourism and for visiting attractions.

Art museums in Bremen

Do you want to discover even more artworks, either during or after your walk? There are more museums close to the route, where you can admire even more artworks to your heart's content!

ART’N’WALK leaflet for your tour of the city's artworks

You can download the current ART’N’WALK leaflet as a PDF file here. And, of course, you can pick up a printed version in our Tourist Information office in the Böttcherstraße and at the railway station.

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