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Walk in the Bürgerpark and municipal forest

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Enjoying the great outdoors in the centre of the city: discover Bremen's green heart.

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Bremen city centre is a great place for walking. We have designed a varied multi-section tour with ample opportunity for refreshments or for children to play, making it ideal even for families or for those who are less fit. It runs through the Bürgerpark and the adjacent municipal forest (Stadtwald), which together form the green heart of Bremen, and is about 12 kilometres in length overall.

If you would like to join a group, we would recommend you contact the walking club in Bremen (Wanderverein Bremen), which regularly organises walks through the Bürgerpark.

Distance: approx. 12 km
Gpx data: Komoot or Wandermap

The walking route

From Lake Hollersee to the Wilhelm Benque monument
The tour starts just a short distance from the north exit of the main train station, directly behind the ÖVB Arena, which you can't miss. It tracks the shore of Lake Hollersee and passes the 'Music' and 'Four Seasons' sculptures and the Park Hotel. It then makes a slight detour to Schwanenteich (swan lake) and the Schweizerhaus (Swiss house) before continuing to the Wilhelm Benque monument, erected in honour of the park's founding father. Along the way you will come across literature trail signs.

From the topiary walkway to the Waldbühne
After crossing the main path, which runs right through the Bürgerpark, the trail continues towards the topiary walkway across to the cattle pasture. In a northerly direction you can already see the Meierei, a former dairy that is now a very good restaurant. On the way there, it is well worth making a short stop at Gerdes Pavilion. Passing Meiereisee lake, the path continues to the Waldbühne, a traditional café and beer garden, which serves brunch with music and drinks on Sundays in the summer. The music can often be heard from a long way away. The Meierei or the Waldbühne, which has public toilets, are ideal places to make your first stop.

From the jogging track to the Haus am Walde
The path now enters the Stadtwald municipal forest. Because of the railway line, you must take the underpass on Parkallee. This means leaving the Bürgerpark briefly to enter the Stadtwald forest. There is a jogging track and a designated lane for horse riders here. There's also a nature trail, which provides a wealth of fascinating information. The path then continues via the viewing tower on Kleiner Stadtwaldsee lake and the Kleine Wümme river, which divides the Stadtwald forest at this point, before proceeding to the Haus am Walde. This has a large beer garden with children's play areas and hosts a number of open-air events in the summer.

A circuit of Stadtwaldsee lake
Stadtwaldsee lake is known by the locals as Unisee (university lake), as it is situated so close to the university. You'll find a supervised swimming beach here as well as plenty of children's play areas. There is also a designated naturist area. To the east is a dog beach and conservation area that is called the 'uni wilderness' because it is easy to get lost there! Afterwards you can enjoy a well-deserved stop at the restaurant on the campsite.

If you want to extend your walk, you can continue into the Blockland countryside here. Watch out though! The paths do go on for miles here... an alternative would be taking a detour to Universum Bremen.

Along the peat canal and beyond
The peat canal branches off from the Kleine Wümme river, which you have to cross. There are regular peat barge trips from the peat harbour in Findorff to the Blockland countryside. On this tour, we leave the peat canal for a while to walk through the Stadtwald forest, where it is altogether more peaceful. You can return to the canal via the railway underpass on the Findorff side. From the Stadtwald, you can get back to the Bürgerpark.

Around the animal enclosure
The Tiergehege animal enclosure, Bremen's little zoo, is a popular attraction for younger ones. From the enclosure, you can see lots of rowing boats on the waterways – an idea for another day. The enclosure is located on the other side of the cattle pasture. The animals here are predominantly indigenous species and include Bentheim pigs, guinea pigs and miniature zebus.

From 'Emma am See' to Lake Hollersee
After crossing the main path from the Stadtwald forest into the Bürgerpark, you soon catch a glimpse of the restaurant 'Emma am See'. Located on the shore of Emmasee lake, it is the perfect place to watch rowers, cyclists, walkers and even mini golfers. There is a small playground too. If the children still have some energy, it is well worth visiting the mini golf course and the huge play area a little further on. Beyond the play area, the route passes the Dyckhoff pavilion and Marcus fountain before reaching the games and sunbathing lawn. This is located right by the Park Hotel and overlooks Lake Hollersee. On the way there, you will see the sculptures 'Siegfried the Dragon Slayer', 'Dance' and the 'Four Seasons'.

Finding your way

The park covers an area of more than two hectares and it is quite easy to get lost if you don't have a map. GPS data and a way to print the tour can be found on the Komoot and Wandermap platforms. In the park itself, however, there are information panels with rough maps to help visitors get their bearings. Plans featuring other interesting information can also be found at various points. The Bürgerpark map is available to download. However, it does not show all of the small paths that we have selected. To plan your walk, we would also recommend the map on OpenStreetMap, which is much more detailed than the Google map.

Tips for cyclists

Many of the aforementioned paths are not open to cyclists. But a few adjustments to the route can make the tour ideal for bikes. If you are cycling, it is well worth venturing out to the Blockland, which can be quite a distance for walkers. This requires crossing the Hochschulring road and going under the A27. A wonderful way to see this area is on the designated Blockland tour.

Ingrid's personal blog article on this hike can be found here (in German): Flachland-Wandern in der City

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