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Ships on the Weser in Bremen

The "Schlachte" promenade on the Weser at sunset. There are numerous ships on the water.
Flowing through the heart of Bremen is the Weser river: an old trading route that was the driving force behind the city's emergence as a proud Hanseatic centre. Bremen's seafaring traditions are still alive and well today and have a big part to play in its unique appeal. Ship ahoy!

© WFB / Melanka Helms-Jacobs

Moored on both banks of the Weser river numerous ships and smaller boats display the seafaring traditions of Bremen. They are part of the unique maritime flair of the city. Enjoy a cruise through the harbour or book a boat trip to Bremerhaven, marvel at world famous sailing vessels, feast on board a maritime restaurant or spend a night in a cozy cabin.

1 Alexander von Humboldt

This historical three-masted ship, which gained international recognition through commercials for Beck's beer, was being rebuilt into a floating restaurant and hotel. It anchors permanently at the Schlachte in Bremen. The Alexander von Humboldt served as a sail training ship until it was brought out of service in 2011. Its new owner had refurbished it completely and converted it into a hotel and restaurant business, but kept its distinctive green sails. Now, the barque, which was built in 1906, offers a unique accommodation for forty people, mainly in twin rooms but also in larger family rooms. The Alexander von Humboldt offers a different menu every month with a selection of fresh, regional and seasonal dishes. These also refer to the ship and its voyages. A selection of wines and other drinks are available to complement the food. The ship can accommodate small private parties and larger functions for up to 120 guests.

Das Schiff Alexander von Humboldt am Anleger vor der Martinikirche am Abend

Alexander von Humboldt an der Schlachte

© Francesco Carovillano / DZT Deutsche Zentrale für Tourismus e.V.

2 Dauerwelle

The Dauerwelle was purchased by the University of the Arts in 2020 and lovingly refurbished at the Kötter shipyard and the Lankenauer Höft. In May 2022, the converted passenger ship celebrated its christening and since then has been available for exhibitions, projects and events. The perm is intended to serve as a special meeting place for science, culture and society.

Das Schiff "Dauerwelle" auf der Weser in Bremen. Im Hintergrund ist ein Teil der Flaniermeile "Schlachte" zu sehen.

© WFB / Melanka Helms-Jacobs

3 Hotelschiff Perle

Centrally located on the Schlachte promenade, the former Hotelschiff Perle is available to its guests as a special hotel. Two comfortable cabins with sun terraces and fully equipped bathrooms offer the right ambience for relaxing hours during a visit to Bremen. From here you can reach the city centre and numerous sights in just a few minutes' walk, while the many inviting restaurants and bars of the Schlachte are waiting right outside your door.

Ein Schiff liegt an der Schlachte, die Sonne geht langsam unter.

© WFB/Tank

4 MS Senator

Until 2004, the Bremen Senate received state guests and business delegations on the MS Senator to present Bremen and especially the Bremen ports to them from the water. After the Senate decommissioned the ship, an association of Bremen merchants took over the launch in order to make it accessible to Bremen's citizens and the business community at Schlachte jetty 6. Since then, companies and private individuals have been able to charter the MS Senator for celebrations and parties for up to 37 people.

Die MS Senator an ihrem Anleger an der Schlachte

© privat / JUA

5 MS Friedrich

The MS Friedrich is the oldest ship still in service on the Weser. Built in Hamburg in 1880, the former steamship was sold to Bremen as early as 1918, where it was initially used as a working ferry. In 1925, the Friedrich was not only given her current name, she also began operating as the "Great Harbour Tour", taking her passengers through Bremen's free ports. Numerous different areas of operation followed until the MS Friedrich was taken over by an association whose mission was to preserve it. Renovated, the ship is now moored at the Schlachte, undertakes regular club trips and is available to the public for cultural events.

Die MS Friedrich an ihrem Anleger an der Schlachte.

© bremen.online /JUA

6 Nedeva

Henry Ford, Barbara Hutton or J.P. Morgan - in the 1930s, the Nedeva was a popular meeting place for New York's high society and stood more than ever for glamour and the spirit of optimism after the Great Depression of 1929. The motor yacht, built by the New York Yacht Launch and Engine Company, belonged to the investment banker Edward Townsend Stotesbury, who regularly invited the celebrities of his time to parties and tours. Today, the Nedeva is once again an event location and can be booked for celebrations of all kinds.

Eine Yacht liegt vor Anker an der Weser

© bremen.online GmbH/ Foto: mdr

7 MS Oceana

Built in 1937 at the Atlas works, the passenger ship MS Oceana has always been at home on the Weser. The ship, which is licensed for a maximum of 700 people, awaits its passengers at the Martinianleger for regular scheduled trips. From Martinianleger via Pier 2, Mittelsbühren, Vegesack, Blumenthal, Farge, Brake, Nordenham Unionpapier to Bremerhaven Seebäderkaje and back - on the MS Oceana you can explore the varied landscape from Bremen to Bremerhaven from the water from May to September. At the many stops, you have the opportunity to get off the ship and discover what's on offer at the various piers. It is also possible to take bicycles along, so you can combine your ship tour with a bicycle tour. In addition, the Oceana is available for charter trips.

Blick auf den Martinianleger mit der MS Oceana und Menschen an der abendlichen Weserpromenade Schlachte

© WFB/Jonas Ginter

8 Pannekoekschip Admiral Nelson

The Admiral Nelson is moored at Schlachte Pier 1 - a faithful replica of a frigate with which the famous British Admiral Horatio Nelson once won high-profile naval battles. Also known as the Pannekoekship, the restaurant ship invites you to dine and drink in a 'piratical' atmosphere. There are plenty of seats available both below and on deck. On the menu are soups, salads, sundaes, cakes and of course numerous pancake dishes from sweet to savoury.

Ein Schiff liegt an der Schlachte und die Sonne geht langsam unter.

© WFB/Tank

9 Theaterschiff

At Weser Pier 4, in the immediate vicinity of the Wilhelm-Kaisen Bridge, the Theaterschiff awaits its guests with varied and laugh-out-loud comedies, revues and cabarets. In two theatre halls, which were set up in the former hold of the converted barge, there is space for a total of 216 spectators. On the deck, a gastronomic offer provides for culinary delights. The location is also available for private parties.

Ein Schiff an der Weser, in dem ein Theater untergebracht ist.

© privat - JUA

10 Die Weser

You can spend the night in a maritime atmosphere on a replica of the Weser paddle steamer "Die Weser". The ship, made entirely of wood, is part of Bremen Youth Hostel and lies at the foot of it on pontoon 8 directly on the Schlachte. 26 beds in two separate areas (12 and 14 places) and two double cabins for carers invite you to spend the night on board.

Der Nachbau eines Weserraddampfers "Die Weser" am Anleger an der Schlachte.

© privat / JUA

11 MS Treue

Concerts, extended club nights and a relaxed atmosphere are promised by the MS Treue. The former transport ship, which was built entirely of concrete during the steel shortage, is now an event ship that invites you to a variety of events. The MS Treue is permanently moored at the beginning of the Schlachte (jetty Tiefer 3).

Ein Blick vom Weserufer auf die Weser. Vorne rechts im Bild liegt das grüne Schiff MS Treue, auf dem regelmäßig Veranstaltungen und Partys stattfinden.

Die MS Treue an der Weser.

© WFB - LS

12 Windjammer de Liefde

Built in 1941 as a wooden freighter near Groningen, the three-master known today as "De Liefde", which catches the eye with its bold red on the left bank of the Weser, has had an eventful history. Half sunk, doomed to be scrapped and left to decay - the 72-metre-long windjammer faced its end several times until it was bought by Eduard van der Velden in 2003, brought to Bremen and rebuilt on his own.

Ein Schiff in der Weser liegt an einem Steg an.

© WFB/Tank

13 Aventura

Since spring 2022, visitors have been able to find the well-preserved Aventura from 1938 at Schlachte. The ship is the new home of the sailing school "Watt voraus". Here, in cosy lounges, you can study for your sailing licence, among other things. Parties and celebrations are not neglected on the Aventura either, as the ship can also be used as an event location. Visitors can also spend the night in one of the cosy cabins.

Die Flaniermeile "Schlachte" an der Weser bei Sonnenuntergang. Es befinden sich zahlreiche Schiffe auf dem Wasser.

© WFB / Melanka Helms-Jacobs

14 MS Loretta

The MS Loretta, which was once built as a cargo ship, has already had an eventful history of over 100 years. Although the old lady ship is no longer the youngest, she still has a lot to offer. Today, the MS Loretta serves as a stylish event location. A varied programme of music, theatre, literature and art is regularly offered on board.

Das Schiff "MS Loretta" auf der Weser in Bremen. Im Hintergrund ist die Flaniermeile "Schlachte" zu sehen. Neben der MS Loretta liegt das Schiff "MS Friedrich".

© WFB / Melanka Helms-Jacobs

15 Gräfin Emma

Maritime furnishings and historical ambience - the Gräfin Emma, named after one of the great female figures of the Middle Ages, has all this to offer. The classically elegant ship once came to beautiful Bremen from southern Germany and has been used here ever since to reinforce the service, as well as on harbour tours and for events.

Ein Schiff fährt in der Weser bei einer Brücke.

© WFB/Tank

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