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Schlachte Embankment

Schlachte Embankment
Dolce Vita in the far north? Definitely! The sweet life awaits you at Schlachte - Bremen's gastro hotspot and promenade on the Weser.

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The Schlachte - located in the heart of Bremen directly along the Weser - has seen a lot in its 800-year history and has displayed many different faces. As a former waterfront harbour, it has been transformed into today's maritime gastronomic mile with numerous restaurants, bars and pubs. Stroll along the Weser and enjoy one of the many local beer gardens.

Summer-Feeling and Relaxation

Especially during summer, the Schlachte is a popular get-together for Bremen residents and visitors of all generations. The first Sunday in March is traditionally the opening of the season for the summer gardens and beer gardens on the Schlachte. From here and also during walks up to the Osterdeich or in the direction of Überseestadt, you can enjoy the wonderful atmosphere on the Weser. You can let your gaze wander over the river and have a great view of the many adjacent ships, such as the legendary Alexander von Humboldt.

Impressions of the Schlachte

Magical Winter

Even in the cold season, the Schlachte does not lose its very special charm: in December, the annual Schlachte Magic casts its wintry and mystical spell on its visitors. At this very special Christmas market you can expect treats, arts and crafts, jugglers, pure entertainment and a very magical atmosphere. As dusk falls, the historical maritime medieval market is bathed in atmospheric blue light. And the adjacent ships will also shine in festive lighting. You can hear the vendors haggling over every penny, while the scent of spices, sweet and savoury food tickles your nostrils and mead, mocha or hot apples warm your heart in the freezing temperatures.

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The Christmas Market

© Bremer Touristik Zentrale

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The Schlachte - Past and Present

The term "Schlachte", first mentioned in a document in 1250, goes back to the Low German word "Slait" and referres to the pile-like structures used to reinforce the banks of the Weser in the 13th century. For many centuries, maritime trade flourished and even in old harbour times there were many taverns and hostels on the Schlachte. They were mainly frequented by the dock workers and served as a meeting place for wages until the increasing silting up of the Middle and Lower Weser put an end to the hustle and bustle at the riverside harbour in the late 19th century. It was not until Expo 2000 that the Schlachte was completely redesigned. A great fortune for the people of the city and its visitors, who can now enjoy the maritime flair of the Weser promenade to the full.

A Look into the Past

Old Habour Takes on New Function

Even though the days of the Schlachte as a waterfront harbour have long been numbered, the Martinianleger still goes on great journeys today: the Weser round trips enjoy great popularity. Harbour tours, "Kohl und Pinkel" tours on the water, "Weser-Bord-Partys", trips to Bremerhaven, Oldenburg or Verden - Bremen and the surrounding area can be easily explored by water. And if you're planning a leisurely bike tour afterwards, you can simply take your bike along on many tours.

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BIKE IT! Schlachte, Werder, Übersee

The River Weser Round Tour

© WFB Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen GmbH / Ingo Wagner

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